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Preparing for school direct

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by teachingspurs, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. teachingspurs

    teachingspurs New commenter

    Hi all,

    I have been offered a place for September 2016. I have passed all my skills tests. I have secured a ta job for January. Though this is dependent on my dbs coming through (70 days now!).

    I have bought the essential books that my course suggests. What else should I be doing in the mean time?

  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Get plenty of rest to charge your batteries.!
    It depends whether you are training for secondary or primary. If primary then it is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the key reading books for the age groups you will be training for. It is useful to have a working knowledge of the plots and characters when discussing with pupils.
    For both phases get familiar with the National Curriculum/subject requirements so you are well prepared particularly aspects where you are less secure. There are also a number of useful general reads about behaviour management, classroom organisation, the role of the teacher etc.
    If you can visit a university bookshop on campus then you can see the main texts being used- otherwise Google or Amazon.
  3. teachingspurs

    teachingspurs New commenter

    I am actually comin from a career where I worked similar hours, so I feel I will be able to stand up to the pressure there.

    I will be put in year 3. That's what the head said to me anyway. She actually wanted me to start in January in year 1 as a ta, but I do not think I will be able to move up in time due to my fiancées job.

    I have the core books that have been stated as essential for my course. Didn't want to get the extra as crazily expensive, even as second hand.

    Excited though!
  4. suziefno1

    suziefno1 New commenter

    Congratulations on the place. I have 2 interviews in January for Primary and I am currently preparing a teaching task and doing some subject reading. Can I ask what core books were suggested for your course?
  5. jomaimai

    jomaimai Established commenter

    I will buy a nice notebook to write a daily log with your reflections.
    It could also help to read the teachers standards from the Department of Education. In fact, any of the documents in the Department website and also in the teachers unions websites.
  6. teachingspurs

    teachingspurs New commenter

    Training to Teach: A Guide for Students
    Learning to Teach in the Primary School
    Professional Studies: Primary and Early Years (Achieving QTS Series) 3rd (third) Edition (2007)
    Developing reflective practice: a guide for beginning teachers: A Guide for Beginning Teachers

    These were the three stated as core essential texts. I got some second hand but with all the changes, I have had to get many of the new editions.

    A notebook is a good idea. I have one currently, but it is full of my revision notes for the QTS stuff that I have now passed. Would be good to separate it.
  7. suziefno1

    suziefno1 New commenter

    Thanks for the above list. Useful to know.
  8. londonrunner

    londonrunner New commenter

    Thanks for starting this jbaley as I am in the same position as you and wandering the same. I'm quite keen to get started on the background reading before it all kicks off in Sep - eek!
    jbaley likes this.
  9. ard13

    ard13 New commenter

    I would love to keep hearing from other soon to be school direct trainees as we progress towards September. I have had very little info from my school or university so far.
  10. londonrunner

    londonrunner New commenter

    HI ard13, I haven't had anything yet either. I actually work at the school I'll be training in but don't know what year group I will be put into or any other details! Crossing my fingers and toes that it will be OK.
  11. frizzymiss

    frizzymiss New commenter

    Hi I have heard nothing from school or uni either but I did manage to find information my uni sent out last year to its pgce students so that gave me a good idea of how to be preparing.

    I've been looking through the national curriculum and revising some of the English stuff (definitions of clauses etc that I needed reminding of).

    I'm trying to get as confident as I can in subject knowledge (like coding that I've never done before!) before September while I have the spare time.

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