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Preparing for PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by OwnedbyMoggy, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I have also accepted a place for a primary PGCE starting in September, and I have been lucky enough to have already been sent some pre-course information. I have been asked to familiarise myself with ECM, the National Curriculum, Primary Framework for Literacy & Mathematics, Rose Review and EYFS (which will be very important for you I am guessing). It is also recommended that I keep up to data with current issues through the TES, Teachernet and Standards site.
    Another thing that may help is to refresh your subject knowledge in English, Maths & Science. The Learning Matters website (co.uk) has some online tests you could practise. I have also been given a list of books, but am sure these will differ depending on the university.
    Hope this helps, and manages to keep you busy! I know it will me, once I get this last semester of university out of the way!

  2. Hi, I also start at BCU in September on Primary PGCE (really excited!!). I'm going to do the background readin gon NC Rose Review etc as well as try to stay in touch with news through TES (I'm don't work for TES, honest :) ).
    I am also going to work quite hard on my handwriting, grammar and spelling. Having spent many years in IT and typing with a keyboard my handwriting is not great and I don't want to be in a position where my writing is worse than a year 6 pupil.
    I've just bought a book through Amazon called 'Doing Your PGCE at M-Level' and it's a good companion for explaining about what to expect on the PGCE and what skills you will be required to develop. It's about £13 and worth buying if you can afford it.
  3. I'd have thought this answer flippant last year, but this year I know it is true.So to prepare for a PGCE: sleep, see your friends (you won't see them again for a year), have a good time with family/boyfriend etc. Read any good books you want to. Sort out your wardrobe, get an easy care hairstyle. Stock your freezer, and maybe buy a slow cooker.Good luck!
  4. I agree with bekabeech. this is exactly what I'm planning to do!
    Well, actually, will be working up until August, but in my last month of freedom I'm just going to be relaxing and enjoying myself - spending quality time with boyfriend and friends, sorting my head out and getting organised for the move - before all hell breaks loose.
  5. dixie64

    dixie64 New commenter

    I'm starting PGCE Early Years at BCU in September too and feeling a little out in the cold as I haven't heard anything - reassuring to know I'm not the only only ;) I've completed my week work experience but still to write it up as I'm trying to finish (read start ;) ) my dissertation first and also have another assignment to submit too!
    Does anyone know when the BCU term begins yet - I've had a look on the site and can't find it anywhere ... I like to plan ahead.
    Thanks x
  6. hey everyone,
    Thanks for all the replies - all good advice that i'll be taking on board :)

    Have done a fair bit of reading on issues and everything already - my sister is currently studying her Primary PGCE at BCU so has briefed me on general background reading.
    I was hoping that there'd be some kind of specific EYFS preparation i could do, maybe things that i'll need to do while im doing the PGCE but i could get an early start on etc?
    Will be leaving work at the beginning of August, so that'll be my month off before the hard PGCE year :)
    Unfortunately have to sort lots of things out in my personal life too - so it perhaps wont be as relaxing as i'd wish...
    For everyone who's going to be at BCU - if you're on Facebook join the BCU Primary PGCE 2010 group.
    Dixie - looks like we'll be seeing each other in Sept! Haven't done my placement yet, but its coming up just after Easter :) good luck with the dissertation.
  7. One thing not to do...
    Read anything posted by Plantx. He/She has made me think there's no jobs, and no point being a teacher..
  8. If I were to do anything differently before my PGCE I would get lots more experience in schools before starting. I've just finished my second placement and feel I am a million times better than I was on my first placement and the main reason is lack of experience! So if you have some spare time get into schools and watch experienced teachers! Find out what teaching strategies they use, how they deal with behaviour, how they manage transitions, how do they plan, assess etc. Good luck to everyone starting next year, I am absolutely loving my PGCE, it is the best thing i've ever done!
  9. Like a few others have said, I'll be leaving my job at the end of July and giving myself a month to relax.

    As part of my application I had to write some lesson plans to show my subject knowledge. This was great for me and is definitely something I'll be doing for the rest of the syllabus I'll be teaching (I'm doing secondary ICT so I suppose my preparation could be different).
  10. Please can someone tell me what BCU is,

  11. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Birmingham City University
  12. Hi Megan,
    How did your interview go? I have mine on Wednesday and i am really worried about the general knowledge test. Can you give me any advice??

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