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Preparing for PGCE course in September!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by SarahReed, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. SarahReed

    SarahReed New commenter

    p.s I'm so sorry about that stuff at the start!!

  2. I'm a third year undergrad so won't have much time to prepare until July and August but I tried a QTS numeracy test last night and failed :-( it was the mental maths,I just needed an extra 5 seconds per qu. Some of them I was just out of time in typing the answer in! So I plan to practice these over the summer. I feel it'll be one less thing to worry about if you can pass these straight away.

    Apart from that, my course provider is sending some reading material to concentrate on other the summer.
    Maybe yours will as well. We get out timetable too so will start planning the practicalities like childcare, handing notice in at work, student finance forms etc. And I'm having a holiday before we start because I get the impression we won't have money or time to do it over the next year!!

  3. Claire
    My advice is to get the numeracy test out of the way as soon as possible. I've come across lots of students who left it until the end of their course and then panicked when they failed.
    For the mental maths section you need to learn a few short-cuts that will give you the extra seconds that you need. But get most of your marks in the on-screen section, to relieve pressure in the menal maths section.
    If you prefer a see and hear approach to learning rather than reading a book, I've put together material that will show and expain how to do the short-cuts in real time, as though you were in the real test. They're with other stuff at at http://www.qtsnumeracytest.co.uk/
    Good luck

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