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Preparing for Learning form Home

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by KMac99, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. KMac99

    KMac99 New commenter

    Hi Everyone.
    As I’m sure everyone is, we’re preparing for the inevitable when schools are shut and we’re trying to teach via a virtual learning platform. As a PE teacher, this is hard but incredibly important. And yet, I’m surprised that a thread hasn’t been started to share ideas and suggestions...so here I am beginning one.

    So what is your school planning? Are you creating something which will stand alone or are you going to be creating a weekly active bulletin thing. Initially I was asked to do a 5-10 minute activity per day but I think we’re now thinking this has potential to be a lot longer so I am preparing for the long haul now.

    Obviously you have to think through the age group and whether they will be doing it on their own or with parental supervision. We have both a junior and senior school who seem to be doing things slightly differently. Personally I’m more involved in the junior but am contributing to the senior school plans as well.

    So far I’ve seen lots of things that involve fitness based activities (circuits, fitness bingo, using dice, cards or coins to determine activity or length of time, etc). Also seen a lot of things on yoga. Most of this was either on TES resources or Pinterest. I was also recommended GoNoodle which has short dance videos and is a free sign up (both for families and for educators) - although I should say I haven’t tried it yet but will do later today.

    Anyways, just thought I’d see what others are doing

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