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Preparing for GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by butterbeer, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I think it depends what your weak areas are. You will have little time for reading whilst on your GTP and it will be very much a case of reading what you need to for your essays etc. I knew I would have to spend quite a bit of time working on my rusty maths, so spent the time doing that, as I aimed to pass all three tests asap to get them out of the way. I booked them as soon as my number came through and got them out of the way by the end of half term. This worked well as I had passed them before the amount of teaching started to step up too much. I would advise you to look at the tests now and see if you think you might need time to get you up to speed on any. When I took the ICT one it needed a lot of practising as the software was so different to the ones used generally. If you think you will be ok on the tests, relax and enjoy the calm before the storm and read up on a few things you know you will need to (like behaviour management etc).
  2. I'm in a similar boat, I've been accepted for Sept and am trying to work out what I can do now to help prepare for Sept!
    I'm ok with my key skills, and can pass all the online tests straight off. I know I need to brush up a bit on my Literacy though (my weak point).
    My head has recommended that I start to keep evidence of things that are relevant to the GTP course, so that they can be used etc, but I'm struggling to know what!
    At the moment I'm mainly concentrating on getting the experience working with children.
  3. Hi, I have been accepted for a GTP starting in September, so excited! I was literally just about to post the same thread, re any tips on how best to prepare!
    I really want to do the skills tests asap to get them out of the way, I have heard that assessments for QTS are changing for September, does anyone know if the skills tests are changing?
    Any other tips on how best to prepare would be greatly received!
  4. Primrose11

    Primrose11 New commenter

    I too have been wondering the same thing! I have a been reading up on the Michael Gove white paper, practicing my numeracy skills and reading up on behaviour management. I've been advised by the lady who interviewed me at Newman to subscribe to the TES magazine, too. I'm hoping that the enrolement day will provide me with some reading material.

    So excited for September; I've been a TA for 4 years!
  5. Right....... read TES and I would do research around excellent teaching i.e. Geoff Petty and how to be an effective teacher!!! Im currently doing my GTP and your subject knowledge comes through teaching and is something that you can learn while you are going along (ob you should have an OK foundation to start with). I am finding that it is how you plan your lessons, i.e. teacher input, child lead learning, talk partners. etc etc as you will need to have these in your lessons. Also I would def research your host school, try and get all the policies behaviour etc as you might do loads of research on methods that you want to use in class, but you might not be able to use them as you will need to follow what the school does!! massive congratulations for getting on!!! enjoy your time now as next year you wont be able to think of anything other then GTP...... I wouldnt change a thing but it is stressful...... stay on top of everything and you will be fine! xx
  6. Thanks for your advice [​IMG]
    Cant wait to get started in September!
  7. wkclark

    wkclark New commenter

    Filing. You will need to keep every shred of every bit of paper you are given/ create over the next year. Start thinking about filing - folders, files, the lot. Stock up on some pens (I prefer the erasable ones for marking as I'm always making mistakes!!). Start a reflective journal on everything teacher related that you read.
    Q standards are changing and every training organisation has their own method of organisation, so don't get too worried about that till they tell you what to do.
    Also, if you've worked with children in the past year (or did any sort of course) it would be really handy for you to have everything from that organised so that you can decide later on if you can use it for evidence.
    The GTP is about becoming a teacher. To do this, you have to get your Qs done. They are a pain (or at least they have been for me for the better part of a year). Make a start on them as soon as you can. My tutor said you should have 60% of your evidence by Christmas (but obvs wait till you do get some advice from your training organisation/ mentor)... Ask people very early on what makes evidence, how you show evidence. This took me far too long to do and I STILL feel like I'm playing catch up!!
    Directed Tasks: if you are given any research-based tasks to do for next year, start on them as soon as they are assigned. I know they are a pain, but they are designed to help you meet your evidence, so in the end they actually are less work than they seem because they also help build towards your evidence.
    That's all the GTP advice I can think of after spending about the last 10 hours work (and during Easter, no less!!)
    Good luck one and all!!!
  8. Hi!

    What kinds of filing things are useful - I'm trying to get as orgnaised as possible before I start. So if you could recommend any filing system opr any way you do it that works for you!
    I need a mass stationary buying day.

  9. Hello,

    I would get hold of any SoW's that you can from the school and start brushing up your subject knowledge around the areas if you can. I wouldn't worry too much about filing just yet, I have an online filing system with my ITT provider which means I only really keep paper files for my own purposes.

    I would get hold of the QTS standards, these will be paramount for the year ahead. You will be required to 'evidence' that you can do these things. I wouldn't worry about planning how to evidence these as you will have plenty of time to do this. In any case each ITT provider has different requirements, my ITT provider for example requires five pieces of evidence for each standard, each piece of evidence must also show a 'journey' from start to finsih to show my development. On the other hand some only require three pieces which can be disconnected. It would be a good idea to analyse the N.C and GCSE (If you are secondary) level descriptors as this will help when planning, especially when considering learning outcomes. Also maybe highlight / annotate exam sepcifications as these would be useful evidence for certain standards and very handy to know in advance.

    I tried to prepare beforehand, it did help but by Christmas you will know exactly what you are doing. It is a very tough year, fabulous, but very time consuming. Make the most of your free time whilst you have it!

    Best of luck! I can't wait to get this year finished now. My best piece of advice is to be organised, I have met so many unorganised trainees, keep well ahead of deadlines and plan your 'evidence' in advance.
    I like to mark in pretty coloured pens, these and highlighters would be a good buy, I also wish I had of bought a 'well done' stamp sooner! Saves a lot of writing!
  10. BTBAM

    BTBAM New commenter

    I concur with the above. I did no preparation, no reading, no work, no revision - nothing.
    I just enjoyed my summer knowing I'd be learning lots in the coming year, went abroad, soaked up the sun. I can echo what people say about being busy/tired. I haven't had a night out in term time since September - most Friday evenings I have a takeaway and watch a movie with my girlfriend and am in bed by 10. My student self is absolutely appalled with my working self.
    I don't feel I've been at a hinderance on my GTP because I did no preparation. I have maybe been a bit behind with my admin because I wasn't in a state of mind of intense working, but it's all do able.
    If you're in a good school the GTP will be a pleasure, and you will enjoy all of it. You'll make mistakes, kids will be rude to you, you'll feel like you don't have a clue what you're doing sometimes but by this time of year it will all start to click into place and you'll be enjoying the offer of a job at your GTP school knowing you'll have your OWN CLASS soon!
    Absolutely brilliant course, brilliant job - enjoy it :)
  11. Thanks for the advice, it's nice to see some positive comments!
  12. So what's your point? ;-)
  13. If there is one thing I would advise you to do it would be to get confident with your subject knowledge. It's 6 yrs since I did GTP so things may have changed but there were no subject knowledge sessions in my programme. If you are teaching in secondary then get the AS/A2 papers for your subject and do them, mark them honestly and write a list of action points to swot up from. Weak subject knowledge is a source of stress for trainees and their mentors. I've had trainees not be able to confidently explain the difference between a compound and a mixture, which would be fine if they were history trainees but they did claim to be chemists!
  14. KatBennett

    KatBennett New commenter

    Congrats on getting your place! A few tips from a current GTP student. Buy a LOT of stationery while its cheap in september. You'll need files for lessson plans, evidence, training and lecture notes etc etc. You will go through about a million pens if you're secondary, and a 'well done' stamp or even a set of stamps is a very worthwhile investment (I have lots that I use while moving around the classroom from 'good effort' to 'excellent' and so on, saves marking books all over again). Buy printer ink whenever its on special offer, I print loads at home.
    Try to chill and enjoy your summer, but if you can get hold of the school development plan, Ofsted report, staff handbook or similar these are all important reading. Finding out what exam boards/SoW your school uses and taking a look at the syllabus or even the textbook is also a good plan.
    If I was back in your position now I would try to do some reading on favourite or current topics too as I've had the same books out of the university library since septmeber and haven't read any of them yet!
    See your family and friends, reassure them you will still love them next year, even if they don't see you for months at a time, and have a holiday. Good luck and hope you enjoy your GTP as much as I am enjoying mine x
  15. I am also a current GTP - I am having a great time although the paperwork is a lot - I have 12 folders on the go at the moment - much to the disgust of my assessor - I have promised to get it down to 2 by the time I have my final assessment!
    I did actually have the Easter hols off - but that might not have been wise! I have a family and am in the school I have been in for a long time so have a lot of support.
    I agree with everyone - get loads of stationery including those little markers that stick in to show things in a folder (index flags) and keep on top of it from the start!
    Make sure you use reflective logs for everything you do as you never know when you might need one for a standard you are a bit low on
    Ask people to write statements for you for everything you do as well
    Make sure everything you put in your folder you have written the standards on it (this will save you time later when you can't quite remember why you put it in there!)
    And above all - enjoy yourself - this will be the only time you start off with a light timetable - have fun and hope you enjoy the course
  16. I have just been offered my place to start training in September too! Thanks to everyone who commented, all information has been really helpful and given me a good place to start!
  17. Thanks for your advice. I start in Sept.

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