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Preparing emergency work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by geffone, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Have a feeling you are primary. In my secondary game, the agency is giving good advice. I call it a flagship lesson in my subject. A lesson I know works well. In my subject and if the work left is seriously sketchy of the design a poster school of cover thought (the pitts) then I may diplomatically (I mean very diplomatically and only if the opportunity arises suggest something different)
    You are also correct to think about stepping on teachers toes. As a supply teacher you follow the instructions left by the class teacher as best you can.

  2. I have found most classes cover poetry at some time. I also have some sort of writing ideas - letters, persuasive writing, information flyers etc. I have a file of art ideas for the afternoons together with some PE games and some PSHE lessons. My secret weapon for Numeracy has been Maths on Target books which are linked to the Numeracy Strategy. I also take in some problem solving ideas. Hope this helps. Good luck
  3. sm1971

    sm1971 New commenter

    You'll probably never need anything, but have a look at the resource I uploaded on this site (Resources section) - I called it Supply Pack - and it's the one with least ratings as the other is old! I've got a basis here for every year group and things they should be able to do with no or few resources.
    Enjoy supply - the good days tend to outweigh the bad! (If there's any work at all, that is!)
  4. sm1971

    sm1971 New commenter

    Actually, I've now just deleted the old one, so it's the only resource by me at the mo!
  5. I can't find this pack...any advice on how to get to it would be most welcome [​IMG]
  6. Ignore last post - I clicked on your name and hey presto...I've got it! lol...don't use this site very much obviously! x
  7. Thanks for the advice. I like poetry so that'd be good to do as an emergency lesson.

    Thank you SM1971 I'll have a look at your supply pack.

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