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Prepaid flights to china?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by musikteech, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    Should you get a prepaid flight to china if you get hired by an international school? You only get reimbursed for TEFL positions after completing a 12 month contract usually. But I've just been contacted by an international school about a skype interview. I don't really want to fork out my savings on a flight to china myself.
  2. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    I've just checked and it is an international Academy. Not sure if this is the same as an international school though. The director has an English name though.
  3. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I had to pay for my own flight and Mrs Hippo's. The good news is that the school paid me back quite quickly. It is probably much better to book and pay for your own flights, as that way the school will not give you something cheap and rubbishy, as happened to me once when I was teaching in the UAE.
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  4. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    I fly from Birmingham so will have to check which flight carriers fly from there. Emirates fly to the UAE from Brum. I'm surprised you had to pay yourself. Was it an international school?
  5. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    its common in my experience to pay for it then get the money back, usually paid when you turn up, along with an arrival allowance, fridge full of food in your free apartment, and at least a mobile sim card to call home. if its a "proper" international school then you should expect a free return ticket each year, and a relocation package to cover your shipping cost, at the beginning and end of your contract. some schools will give a "volume" amount, others will just pay on receiving receipts. here i was given a 150kg excess baggage allowance (it is just me) families get more.
  6. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    The problem about paying upfront for flights is if they don't like you when you get there, they could send you home. It's a bit of a risk. If you get your money reimbursed as soon as you get there then it's ok. TEFL jobs pay after 12 months
  7. Roseea123

    Roseea123 New commenter

    Wow I wasn't expecting all that. I haven't yet got to the stage of allowance and flights but told they do cover costs. Is that the norm to have extra baggage allowance? It's one thing I've been thinking about as having children they have a lot of baggage.
  8. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Back to visas - local press here are reporting a crack down on foreigners working without the Z visa. I wouldn't fancy 15 days in a Chinese prison.
  9. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Honestly ea123, i wouldnt even consider a school that didnt provide it. Western European schools rarely or never do this.... the rest of the world should. And all schools i've worked at (except Spain) covered all dependants, flights, shipping, return flights, medical etc.
    ea123 likes this.
  10. Roseea123

    Roseea123 New commenter

    I'm told it is covered but yet to know exactly what is covered. I should hear this week. Fingers crossed it's as good as majority.
  11. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Good luck, where are you going?
  12. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    I spent a day in a Macau police cell before being deported about 5 years ago now after having a crazy spell and I nicked a casino chip from one of the casinos and got arrested. I got a letter a few years ago in Chinese so I couldn't understand it but some Chinese person told me that I could return to Macau again cos I was just banned for two years I think it was. There's a thread on Daves Esl café about people working on business visas. some have done it for 5 years or more with runs to Hong Kong apparently so it can be done.
  13. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

  14. BananaJoe

    BananaJoe New commenter

    My understanding is, you have a degree, a PGCE, ten years post PGCE experience, and a diploma in piano. So, why do you seem to be chasing bottom scraping lowest denominator positions? This doesn't make any sense to me. You are well qualified. Sure, maybe some people work on business visas, but you shouldn't need to, you are well qualified. There's no future in working illegally and I wouldn't want the constant threat of a knock on the door (yes, it doesn't happen). You've been deported from one country, why risk another? It sure won't make your CV look any better and may bar you from employment in some other countries.

    My advice is (if you haven't done this already), stop looking at Dave's Cafe, start looking at the TES job ads, sign up for TIEOnline, look up GEMS schools, Cognita Schools, Nord Anglia Schools, and sign up with Search Associates or International School Services.

    I doubt an international academy is an international school and the fact the interviewer has an English name is meaningless. I have never met as many expat pawns and lapdogs as I've met in China. Its amazing what some people will do and say for a few extra kuai.

    You say that paying for your ticket up front is a risk, but the far greater and more damaging risk is being deported. It should be a Z visa or nothing.
  15. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    I've applied for jobs saying they offer a Z visa but they have so far all come back to me and said they can't employ me because I don't have a BA degree (I have a Graduate Diploma which is a degree pass status according to the transcript). But they won't accept it. Mind you that's recruiters for EFL jobs. Even Wall Street English couldn't offer me a job because it's not a BA. I haven't applied for international schools because I have no references for music teaching, not up-to-date ones anyway and I haven't taught music in UK schools since 2007. That's my references in 2007 and before. Some schools don't have my reference on their computer now as it's too long ago, I've already asked a few of them. I've been teaching EFL since 2007 mainly abroad in the ME and Libya. I've got references for EFL. Yes, I have got this international academy email saying they want a skype interview today so maybe they can get me a Z visa and FEC. I think I can get the Z visa because you don't need to show your degree certificate to get one, you just need a letter from an employer but I believe you need your degree to show for a FEC/residency permit or whatever needs doing in china when you get there. I have no idea really though. So, those international schools probably wouldn't offer me a job without up-to-date references and recent UK teaching experience. That's why I'm going for the TEFL jobs but you need a BA they don't recognise other equivalent qualifications. Maybe for a music post in an international school, my qualifications might be good enough I don't know, \I haven't applied.
  16. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    My school in Shanghai book and pay for initial flights for all new starters. Economy from home country. If, however, you want something different ie: business class then you book and pay yourself and then are reimbursed fairly quickly.

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