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Prenatal Vitamins - which is the best?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Julesk, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Hey girls title pretty much says it all.
    Have tried a few and spent a fortune but just wondered which ones you recommended and why?
    Want to do everything right after mc and seems such an important factor so really appreciate your ideas/feedback?

  2. Hey girls title pretty much says it all.
    Have tried a few and spent a fortune but just wondered which ones you recommended and why?
    Want to do everything right after mc and seems such an important factor so really appreciate your ideas/feedback?

  3. Hi Jules,
    I take Pregnacare, Dr recommended them and Vitabiotics are a well established brand that have several different pregnancy vits as well as a men's conception one which OH took before I got pg.
    If you go through Quidco the cashback site you get cashback for going through to the Vitabiotics website, think it's 5%, then if you sign up to Vitabiotics loyalty scheme they give you points on each purchase that you can use for money off future purchases, which I have done (I have been taking them since I started TTC a year or so ago). They usually have a 3 for 2 or buy 3 get 3 free kind of offer on at least one of their pregnancy vits, which is good and they are recommended for breastfeeding so I plan to keep on taking them for several months after the birth.
    Hope that helps,
    Sarah x PS I promise I don't work for them or anything!

  4. I'm still ttc after 16 months, so probably not the best person to offer advoce! I used to take just good old folic acid, until a friend of mine told me about the pregnacare original plus omega 3 capsules.
    I had a read on the internet and Omega 3 is actually better for pre-conception than folic acid as it can help with egg quality. Also, it's meant to help prevent miscarriage. I've only been taking them for about 6 weeks, so probably not long enough for them to have any effect yet. Anyway, thought you might find it useful.
    Also, I buy them from Boots as they do loads of 3 for 2 offers on vitamins.
  5. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I took my vitamins separately on the advice of my consultant as I had recurrent miscarriages and apparantly if that's the case, it's better not to take the combined ones. Had previously read that in a miscarriage book by another consultant too. However, I can't remember the reasoning behind it!
    I took double folic acid, magnesium, vit b6 and zinc. Having recently seen my health visitor - apparantly I should have been given freenvitamins by my midwife, but I wasn't. And they were combined anyway.
    Also, they're recommending vit d when pregnant too now.
  6. Thanks for your advice girls really appreciate it x
    Im currently finishing a packet of femibion seven seas ones. They have been ok but my energy is starting to flag a bit now at 18+4 also getting horrid headaches !
    When I was ttc I took mixtures para of folic acid vit b and vit d and i felt great then also think acupuncture really helped me may make an appointment for next week.
    Think I'll try the vita biotic type next so Sarah your advice was fab x x
  7. emmam25

    emmam25 New commenter

    fwiw My midwife has recommended I try Floradix with iron as I'm slightly anaemic, I got it in Holland and Barrett. It has loads of herbal things supposed to give you energy!
  8. I took Pregnacare conception before which for fine, but when I started taking their pregnanncy ones they left me so constipated I had to resort back to just folic acid. Baby seems just fine :)
  9. Thanks girls x Em I read somewhere that all women past 20 weeks should look to up their intake of iron? Did mw say anything about this to you? I'm not anaemic but so tired at the mo? Think I'll look out for the supplement you recommended in holland and Barrett x
  10. I'm using Tesco multivitamins for pregnant and women TTC. Don't know if it's something to do with that but my hair has had a recent growth spurt and is looking really healthy! They were on 3 for 2 last time I looked.
  11. I'm 9 weeks pregnant after 4 years TTC and 1 round of IVF. All the consultants and nurses I saw during that time, plus my own GP and midwife have always said to be careful with multivitamins. They also told me to stay away from ones that have vitamin A in them, as this is a fat soluble vitamin, builds up in the body and can cause quite serious problems. Multivitamins containing the beta-carotene version of vit A are ok, but those that get their vit A from animal sources should be avoided. The same advice was given regarding vit D- it is a fat-soluble vitamin too, so can build up if you are ttc for a longer time.
    Overall, talk to your GP or midwife first.
  12. Yummy em !
    Mw told me it's very low bp and bloods for anaemia came back ok phew x

    I'm trying to eat as many folate rich veggies and steak to stay healthy but totally agree it's nothing near rda though the way I'm eating like a truck driver at the moment may come close soon.

    Been drinking OJ all the time so covered there? My energy gets better but flags again may be due to the 12 hour days and working weekends though :(

    Other than all that I'm LOVING being pg and so excited now I can't wait until she's here. Only 20 more weeks to go x

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