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Preliminary interview for Shell schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ladybump, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I have a preliminary interview for shell schools. I've heard very good things about Shell, but would appreciate any advice generally about interviewing/working for them. I'm very excited & nervous about the interview! :)
  2. Apart from the usual questions, they'll want to know what you can contribute to the school and community outside of teaching.
    Flexibility- you may be working within a very small school and need to teach a mixed age group etc. (One of the schools is very large but that's an exception) Resourcefulness- you may be based in an isolated location. What will you do in your spare time and how will you relate with existing staff. If a small school, that may well be one of the main things they're thinking about. If you're taking a partner or family you may be at an advantage there.
    Lots on working with parents- you'll be living closely with families you teach, so how you might cope with that, and how you'll respond to very involved and informed parents, and parents from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Experience teaching children in the early stages of learning English. Experience with children with special needs- you may be in a location with no outside agencies to support or diagnose. Recent training, especially if you're coming from the UK, you would be at an advantage if able to lead staff meetings in school within a curriculum area.
    Good luck. If you want to know any more, or about specific schools, feel free to PM me.
  3. It would also be worth finding out about the IPC (international primary curriculum) and thinking about international mindedness too.
  4. This doesn't sound too good. If I apply to Shell schools then that is what I'm expecting. I've worked in unstable schools before where there has been change of management & I don't want that again. A major part of working for Shell that I liked was the stability. The fact that so many are in the pool also doesn't sound hopeful that there will be a job for me. At least it's early days & I will keep applying. I can't believe how long it took me to fill in that form too!! I'm wondering whether to inquire about this issue at the issue, as it's really put me off.
  5. Sorry I meant ''enquire about this issue at interview'' :)
  6. Most of the jobs available are likely to be in the large school in Brunei or the very small schools in the remoter locations- these would be difficult to sell off. Make sure, if you get to the point where you are offered something, to ask the Head clearly and get in writing the length of the contract and terms and conditions.
  7. Thanks for the advice southchinasea. I was really hoping for Oman, so I might just cancel the interview. I also don't want to take time off work & pay to fly back to the UK in January for something that's not going to pan out. I would have appreciated more honesty in their advertising, but I know things like this happen all the time. I'll just keep applying. It shows that it's important to do research on the schools you are considering teaching at.
  8. It's not Brunei that's the problem it's the change of management. I'm just coming from a school that's gone through the same thing with awful atmosphere in the school, teachers all on different packages & no clear direction. I'm very flexible about most things with no dependents, so am prepared to wait for something else. Good luck in Brunei :)
  9. It's only the couple of schools mentioned that are going through a change of ownership, and in one or poss both of those there'll still be some Shell contracts for the time being.
    Shell still is a good option if looking for stability- you can ship all your stuff, have great bupa health insurance, couple of flights home a year, save enough that you can afford extra flights and not think too much of flying home whenever you like for family events etc. Teachers tend to be older and stay for 4 years plus in a school so there's continuity and a chance to really develop things in your area.
    The difficulty this year will be getting in, as there will be a fair number of existing Shell teachers reapplying- but not impossible, as each school will have very specific strengths or key stage experience they're looking for.
  10. thanks for your reply southchinasea [​IMG]

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