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Prehistory - Palaeolithic - Mesolithic - Neolithic - Bronze Age - Iron Age

Discussion in 'History' started by teaching-topics, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. teaching-topics

    teaching-topics New commenter

    Key Stage 2
    The Palaeolithic.jpg
    Cartoon style interactives with photos and videos -

    Ready to use in the classroom

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    The Palaeolithic Period

    The Palaeolithic Period or Old Stone Age. Discover about the first stone tools and the development of our common ancestors. A complete, cross-curricular teaching resource for KS2, that includes key facts, cartoons, videos, as well as activities and lesson plans.

    Areas Covered:

    Flint, Creswell Crags, Cave Art and Portable Art, The Paviland Skeleton, The Cannibals of Gough’s Cave, Homo Sapiens, The Oldest Stone Tools in the World, The Earliest Stone Tools in Britain, Oldest Footprints, The Neanderthals, Lucy, Fire and Key Facts.


    Flint Tools

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    Teaching topics
  2. teaching-topics

    teaching-topics New commenter

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