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Pregnant...how do I tell people?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by glsimons1, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. glsimons1

    glsimons1 New commenter

    Hi guys, I've recently found out that I'm pregnant for the second time. I miscarried earlier in the year, and because of this I don't know exactly how far gone I am. I have my midwife appointment later this week, and will hopefully know more then. I reckon I'm around 7 weeks now.

    At what point do I need to share this information with the HoD and Headteacher? I will wait until after the midwife appointment, and preferably the first scan, but this is likely to be in the holidays and I don't want to leave it too long because of arranging maternity cover, and if I'm further along than I originally anticipated.

    I feel like I should tell them soon, though, because they're in the process of arranging classes and timetables for net year; we've had a number of people leave in our department - one for maternity cover - and I don't want to 'drop them in it' by not speaking out sooner. They haven't replaced anyone who has left, though, and I don't want my timetable to be ridiculously full in case I have a difficult pregnancy.

    Also, what is the process for telling the Head? What sort of things do I have to say, and should I confirm in writing too?

    Please help me!
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    There is no legal requirement to inform your employer until you are 25 weeks?. however, many find it easier to inform them earlier if there are complications, sickness etc. that lends to the head teacher knowing and being able to offer best support.

    You could have an informal conversation - just so you can communicate any issues such as tiredness, sickness, appointments etc. but you should inform in a formal letter just concisely saying that you are pleased to inform them of your pregnancy, the due date and your intended date to start maternity leave. A risk assessment should be undertaken within 14 days of the employer being informed formerly of your pregnancy - This might aid you bend able to discuss and raise anything you feel might be an issue as pregnancy progresses for you in your workplace, such as flights of stairs, lifting ,chemical use if in science etc.

    With regards to timetable provisions for next year, I'm afraid that beyond good will you have no right to expect a timetable any different to the usual contact hours other teachers of your level have. As for them not replacing folk who have left, well, that is for the head teacher and others to manage, and that too should not impact on your timetable being any different to your usual teaching weighting.

    I hope that helps? and that you stay cool in this heat :)

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