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Pregnant Head?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by RosiesMummy, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I haven't posted on here before, but needed a bit of advice.
    My headteacher is pregnant and I really don't know where I stand... I am her deputy and when she goes off will have been in post for 1 year and 2 terms,
    Now, she hasn't said anything about what she is going to do - before she was pregnant, we had a hypothetical discussion and she tentatively asked would I want to step up - I said with support yes, but now that it actually is coming down to it, I really don't think she has considered me at all.
    Now, she has hinted at the fact that 'the governors' might advertise a secondment or ask a head from another school to step up. She hasn't mentioned me at all. Other members of staff are asking me what she is intending to do and I don't even know! Would it be strange for a secondment to come in? Surely the secondment would be a serving deputy at another school? Wouldn't that look very strange...undermine my position? I don't want to ask her outright at the moment, as she has said in numerous conversations that she is not thinking about anything until her 20 week scan, but I am feeling really rather insecure.
    If she doesn't think I am up for it, then I think I should look for another position, but in fact, I think I am capable of the job - she's not been v well with her pregnancy and I have been stepping up a lot more, as well as teaching.
    A bit of advice would be gratefully received - thanks!
  2. Talk to her!
  3. As a deputy she should have employed someone who is capable of running the school - never mind a pregnancy, what if she went under a bus/got sick at short notice. However as a head you should be able to have difficult conversations and this will be your first one! Speak to your head teacher about it and find out. If she doesn't think you are up to it then she needs to be working out how to develop you professionally so you are. If it is something else - do you have an NPQH and are the LA insisting the person who stands in have one? Will you have someone some in two days per week to support you? Good luck!
  4. Hi,
    You are both absolutely right - I do have to talk to her. I feel I have a good relationship with her, but it is a difficult situation and it will, I am sure be a difficult conversation.
    I took on the role, assuming that, God forbid, if she was hit by a bus etc then I would be expected to step up, so assumed, maybe wrongly, that I would for however long she was off with her baby.
    I don't have my NPQH at the moment - this is my first position as deputy, so just over a year, although I feel I have more than proved my worth.
    I don't know whether the LA even know about the situation at the moment - this would be worth the discussion if nothing more!
    I guess I am just worrying that she doesn't think I am fit for the job and feel that if this is the case then I need to leave, so that she can employ someone who is up for it, if you know what I mean? Thanks for your advice!
  5. She might be thinking that you don't talk to her about it because you don't want the job! "What do we need to do to prepare for your maternity leave, some staff are also asking about the plan" might be a good way to start?
  6. Thanks for the advice, but I have tried that and she has said that no one else needs to know for now, that she isn't even going to think about it until after her 20 week scan - which I am thinking I may just have to hang on til after then?!
  7. No-one needs to know hey? [​IMG]
    If she says that, then perhaps you should say that as a member of her senior management and as her deputy it is important that you know and be a part of any discussions as you will be the person who is affected most directly by her maternity leave.
    Suggest to her that you could talk to the chair of governors should she feel unable to speak with you about it.
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Just as classroom teachers are advised that they don't need to tell their head if they're pregnant until they'r past the 20 week mark, this head is entitled to exercise the same caution.
    It's her pregnancy, she has the right to talk about it when she's ready.
  9. Not all PG women get massive quickly you know! I could still easily hide it at 20 weeks. I could probably hide it now at 39 weeks if I wore baggy clothes and stuffed my pockets with chocolate wrappers.....
  10. LOL
    Perhaps I'M pregnant too !!!!!

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