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Pregnant + covid etc

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by tooyoung1, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. tooyoung1

    tooyoung1 New commenter

    Hi All

    May I ask where your schools are with pregnancy and covid for sept? Business as normal or work from home?
    NEU advice is that pregnant women should not be in?
    Would love to know where you/your schools are on this :)
  2. nearly_there_now

    nearly_there_now New commenter

    Hi, I wish I knew a bit more... Do you know if the unions or gov are planning on further announcements to clarify things? At the moment it's all as usual for me, with extra hand washing and keeping 2m away where possible- I'm primary PPA teacher so I cross bubbles which makes things a bit more complicated.
  3. tooyoung1

    tooyoung1 New commenter

    Hi! Tbh, I don’t know anything so thought I’d reach out on here!!
    NEU are saying pregnant shouldn’t be in school?
  4. nearly_there_now

    nearly_there_now New commenter

    I'm in a different union so I haven't had emails from NEU- do they mean not at all or just not in 3rd trimester? I thought it was work at home if possible? (& I'm assuming my role is not possible from home, which gives me business as usual, unless I choose to take mat leave really early).
  5. s_teach

    s_teach New commenter

    Why should you take mat leave early? Just because of covid? Our maternity as teachers is not great anyway. I was advises by the NEU to work from home as I would be in the 3rd trimester. And I do not intend to take maternity leave earlier just because of the current situation.
  6. nearly_there_now

    nearly_there_now New commenter

    I know, and I agree!

    Could I ask, was that advice given to you for the summer term we've just had, or will you be going into 3rd trimester during the autumn term?
  7. s_teach

    s_teach New commenter

    I will be about 36 weeks in September when the children are due back. But my health is fine. So why take maternity leave a few weeks earlier. Union advice is that I should work from home.
  8. kettlechip

    kettlechip New commenter

    I'm also a pregnant PPA teacher so have been told I'll be teaching across the whole school which i feel really uncomfortable with. Apparently the main criteria for the risk assessment is that you have to be able to social distance so I've been told to teach from the front of the class (interesting when it's computing with year 1's).

    The NEU advised to work from home but wasn't that before the rules for the vulnerable and clinically vulnerable changed on Aug 1st? I can't find any up to date info about what our rights are and whether we can actually say we're not going in... Starting to get really anxious about it.

    Are your schools letting you work from home from September?
  9. vicky_kane2

    vicky_kane2 New commenter

    I still don’t know what my school are planning on doing for me (I’ll be in my third trimester when school returns) as I’m awaiting a response from my formal request to continue working from home in September, or failing that be in a role with no/limited contact with students. This was from advice from my local NEU rep who said the union’s stance is that I should request this and failing this will have to agree an individual risk assessment. As a secondary school teacher who will be teaching across all social bubbles I’m not sure what I would deem safe at this stage!
  10. nearly_there_now

    nearly_there_now New commenter

    Kettlechip- at the moment I'm expected back in to school. Your role sounds v similar to mine in terms of crossing bubbles and contact with everybody.
  11. Cpat1

    Cpat1 New commenter

    Hi all, it certainly is unnerving times.

    I have spoken to the Pregnancy advice line and NEU and also looked at the Government and the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians guidelines- All of which have said that you should not be in school in your 3rd trimester (28+ weeks)

    So I would seek advice and back up from your union as this is what the government advices.

    good luck all

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  12. lilmisssunshine.

    lilmisssunshine. New commenter

    Thanks @Cpat1 !
    I have been working from home since March. SLT contacted me in July to find out whether I’d be teaching in September. I contacted my GP and he said he couldn’t see any reason why I can’t, which I passed on to them. However, I’m now starting to feel more anxious about going back. I’ve strictly social distanced since March and hate the thought of being around lots of people. I’m 28 weeks at the end of September. I’m usually the type of person to take things in my stride and SLT know that I always go above and beyond, however I need to put my own health and that of my baby first.

    What are you all thinking of doing when 28+ weeks?
  13. s_teach

    s_teach New commenter

    You should not be in school if you are 28 weeks pregnant or more. That is the guidance. I will be 36 weeks and will not be going back. Unions say the same. Government has also said to follow the nhs guidance which says the same.
  14. MKJ

    MKJ New commenter

    When I told school I was pregnant in April they took me off the rota to go in for key workers straight away and in June and July when schools opened I worked from home.
    I will be over 28 weeks when I go back on Tuesday and I have raised my concerns about trying to social distance from children (also a PPA teacher working across 6 year groups). I have explained that the guidance emphasises the importance of social distancing in third trimester. They are doing a risk assessment on Tuesday but are adamant that I can social distance. I’m trying to speak to my union but not having much luck.
    I feel like they’re trying to fob me off and hope that I just come in and get on with it but I’m feeling quite anxious and stressed about it. And I don’t know if union will back me so feel very much in limbo.
  15. s_teach

    s_teach New commenter

    Your union should definitely back you. If you are stressed, go to the doctors and get signed off for stress and anxiety. I am surprised that your school are being so inconsiderate. With the media abuzz about a second outbreak and as teachers we all know the autumn term is the worst in cases of flus and general illnesses. Why put yourself at more risk?
  16. MKJ

    MKJ New commenter

    I replied earlier but it hasn’t posted...

    I don’t think they are being realistic about the social distancing. They are saying that when I’m in the classroom (and several classrooms at that) I will teach from the teacher table at the front of the class the whole time and the children will sit 2m from me. I won’t go to the children, nor they come to me when they need help, etc. That will have to be dealt with by TA. Am I wrong in thinking they are being unreasonable in their expectations or am I just not seeing what they’re saying?
  17. lilmisssunshine.

    lilmisssunshine. New commenter

    have they actually taught in a classroom anytime recently haha?! Poor TA! I work in a special school where the pupils don’t understand social distancing. I’ve yet to see a risk assessment, I don’t doubt they’ll do one but it will be interesting to see what it will look like. I’m going to be wearing my mask as much as possible and have a ridiculous amount of antibacterial gel but feeling anxious now.
  18. MKJ

    MKJ New commenter

    How many weeks are you?
    My concerns are coming from being in third trimester.
  19. lilmisssunshine.

    lilmisssunshine. New commenter

    I’ll be 28 weeks at the end of September. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I informed school and was told to work from home. There’s another teacher who will be in her third trimester when we return next week and she’s going in as normal as far as she’s aware.
    What did your union advise?
  20. MKJ

    MKJ New commenter

    I haven’t heard back from them yet. The guidance is for stringent social distancing once you’re at 28 weeks. It’s on the RCOG website, as well as the union ones. My school weren’t aware of it so could be that you’re school isn’t too.

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