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Pregnant and supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Doodlebug1, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Doodlebug1

    Doodlebug1 New commenter

    Hello everyone, looking for some advice,

    I just found out I'm pregnant, still early, maybe 9 weeks. The problem Iv got is that I have an interview tomorrow with a supply agency for part time supply work (i have another child so need to work around his childcare) - do I tell them I am pregnant? Will I be discriminated against because I am pregnant (in the sense of not getting much work because of the pregnancy - liabilty?). Was really looking forward to supply and now very confused as to what I should do..help!
  2. I joined a supply agency when I was 12 weeks pregnant and was very upfront with them. At the time I had no other children and so I was available when supply ring you in the morning for that day. Schools I went to were very nice and I never felt I was discriminated against because I was pregnant. I stopped doing supply when I was about 7 Months pregnant as I felt I couldnt easily do P.E with a class or bend down if I was in a reception class! I also got work of my own through approaching schools myself and they didn't seem to mind I was pregnant and always asked me back.
  3. Interesting as we are hoping for another baby soon and wondered the same. On the plus side if you aren't feeling great you can decline work. You might have issues around midwife appointments which a permanent job would let you out for and put cover in but may make you unavailable that half day in those weeks. My clinic was only Thursday afternoons so when the tome comes I would have to avoid this afternoon for working as thru won't book you in later, always in time order following previous patient!

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