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Pregnant & Workload stress Advice Needed!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by elvis27, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Hello - just hoping for some advice on what is acceptable to request from school when 24 weeks pregnant and counting!

    I work in a school with challenging behaviour at best of times and some of my classes are VERY challenging. I find things gett very uncomfortable when I am in middle of these classes.

    The school day is a bit different too and I can find myself teaching 3 hours straight no break - and then on some days from 830 - 340 with only a 15 mins & a 35 min break. And of course let's not forget the 2 hour afterschool weekly meeting as well.

    The school has done a RA but not the best, as I just had to say I wouldn't do playground supervision as was hit by ball, and put myself iin canteen and not much safer really, but now they can't say I am not doing my contractual duties.

    I don't want to be a pain, but I was exhausted, emotional and just plain not good at end of term and had to take a couple days off - but don't want to get to that point again.

    Just wondering what would be reasonable to request from my school to help and support me? Anyone in similar situation. Any ideas grateful!

  2. Go and see the person who did your RA with you as soon as you get back into school to review the document. Explain that the reason you had to take days off before the holidays was down to exhaustion related to your work. Tell whoever it is you see that you need to have a rest break regularly (eg if your school's am session is 3 hours, then you need a beak after 1hr30) and a full lunchtime break to allow you to rest. Standing in a (presumably) hot, noisy canteen doesn't sound relaxing - how is your blood pressure when you've seen the midwife... if it's higher than normal, that may give you more leverage over duties too. You are entitled to resonable adjustments to your role to safeguard you and your baby - you cannot be held to your ontractual duties if they are risky...
  3. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    totally agree with above; you need to a new RA to be written and if you are not happy, do not sign it. If necessary, ask to be referred to OH - they should support you as they will also know that reasonable adjustments should be made unless the school/LEA wants to face legal complications! Also talk to your mid-wife/GP - both of mine were excellent when I was struggling, and put in writing to my school what they felt was reasonable e.g. an adjustable chair in my room was required, as I suffer from SPD... I had asked for one, but to no avail until I gave them the doc's letter... (oh, and keep a copy of everything! Plus when you have spoken to your line-manager/HR/whoever any pregnancy related issue, email them after as a record of what was said and agreed!). Good luck!

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