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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by LEAF1, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. I have just found out that I will no longer have a class next year because I am pregnant and i will have to leave in december for maternaty. To add to this my colleague who is an NQT (1 term left) has been told she will have to move year groups because I am pregnant and I will not be there to support her. However the head is putting 2 NQTs in the year group along with a teacher who has just completed her NQT year. I understand why she is moving me out of class although I do feel a bit hard done by just because I am pregnant BUT have no understanding as to why she need to move the other teacher who is very upset by the decision and I now feel it ismy fault because I am pregnant. She has also just told us which year groups we would be in (3 weeks before the end of term) giving the excuse that some parents were appealing places. However the reception and Year 2 teachers knew where they were going to be a long time ago along with most of KS2. I feel the Head has handled this situation badly!
    I just wondered what other people thought of this? IS it me over reacting?
  2. If you won't have a class, what will you be doing? Does your job description state "class teacher"?
  3. This still means you will have the first term with your class. Also, how long are you planning to have off with your baby? You might want/need to return before the summer hols, so, like the other poster says, what will you do if you haven't got a class to teach??!!
  4. I think doing group work and ppa cover! She thinks it is in the interest of the school to have me as a floating teacher rather than a class teacher! I suspect she is frightened of parents complaining that their children will have to have 2 teachers in their academic year! I am more upset that she is using my pregnancy to move the other Year 1 teacher! Which dosn't make any sense as she is putting another NQT in the year group. The whole thing has left me feeling very frustrated with my place of work.
  5. I am sure my contract and job description is for a class teacher but would need to double check. Am guessing this is the case I have been a class teacher since joiningthe school!
  6. are you taking maternity leave in december because you want to or because it suits school-it's your decision when you go, not theirs. And as for bowing to parents anxiety about two teachers-what makes them think that having one teacher is best anyway?! As long as their is a common approach to discipline and procedures what's the problem. I suggest you request a meeting to discuss your role next term. Good luck with your pregnancy- and wishing your health and job a smooth ride!
  7. Thank you! I am due early January so christmas holidays makes most sense for me to go! It is my first pregnancy and I feel like it is a hassle for the school and feel very upset about how it has been used to justify moving another teacher. i should be excited and instead I am bein made to feel guilty about it all! I just hope this isn't the start of lots of negative things happening at school because I am pregnant! Thanks again for comments and well wishes!
  8. I went off at the Xmas holidays and taught my class for the whole autumn term! When i arrived back at the end of the summer term I was floating and getting ot know the FS who would be my new class in September, which was great. I would say arrange a meeting to find out exactly what you will be doing, as if you are covering other teachers your workload will be much less which can only be a good thing when heavily pregnant. As regards the other teacher- I have no idea why they would move her but it's NOT YOUR FAULT and I really doubt she sees it as your fault. People have babies!
  9. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Do not feel guilty - this is your life and it's more important than school. You are not the only person who can support this teacher. Yes, your head sounds like an idiot but the other teacher will have to cope with the change of year groups - I taught two different year groups at two different schools in my NQT year.
    It may be that your contract says teacher - in which case you can be deployed to do group work and PPA cover. I'm going in the opposite direction - from PPA to class teacher but my contract just says teacher. Do check what your contract says.
    PPA cover is a betterwork life balance than class teaching and I do less at home than I did as a class teacher. If you get as knackered in late pregnancy as my heavily pregnant colleagues are you may be grateful for it.
    Keep an eye on your head though - she doesn't sound like she should be trusted.
  10. Hey I'm in a similar situation. Leaving half a term earlier than you as starting mat leave on 31st October and have just found out I will be teaching groups next year rather than having my own class. I trust my head to do what is absolutely best but still feels strange and not actually sure what my work load will be and what groups I will be taking? Guess I'll be planning for several different groups though on a weekly basis so may actually be quite a hefty work load!!
    Think I'll just feel like a bit of a spare part for 6 weeks but guess that is a short period to be a class teacher for - What do you girls think?
    The rest of the staff haven't all been told where they are yet so some schools leave it even later than yours leaf!
    Understand why you feel responsible for the NQT though. Can they voice their concerns to the head with you as support? Have there been any issues with the NQT struggling and requiring extra support/guidance?
    Just try to think about what a lovely 2012 your going to have hon try not to let work ruin it this time of year is always stressful xxx
  11. It's frustrating floating about the school without a real sense of 'belonging' to a class, but as someone said before it's much less demanding than having your own class. All I would suggest is make sure you are given your timetable in advance and request that it's the same every week. One school I worked at gave me a timetable when I accepted the job, and it ended up changing 3 or 4 times a week until I eventually got fed up with it and left. Couldn't do any real planning, and it was humiliating showing up to a class I didn't know I was supposed to have and not being prepared for the day's work.
    I think it's a good idea to be out of class later in the pregnancy, but I don't see why they can't have you being at least part time in one class, it happens all the time!! Ask if all avenues have been explored, it's not uncommon for staff to share a class, why can't you do this for the first term at least?
    Just make sure you have a meeting to get (IN WRITING!!) all the ins and outs of what your job will be after the summer. Do not let them take you for a ride, stress will be the last thing you'll need. You may also need a risk assessment of some sorts if you are doing jobs that you wouldn't normally be doing had you been in your own classroom. For example, walking about between classes, going to different rooms from usual, etc. Might not sound like much now, but when you're ready to pop you'll not be quick on your feet to travel around school!!
  12. I requested to be a PPA cover during the year I would be going on mat leave but I was only doing the first half term. School was in a position to fund this. I am employed as a teacher. Have just gone back and am doing 3 weeks of PPA and then job sharing from September.
    I cannot think of a reason to move the other person - seems ridiculous - but its not your decision - don't feel guilty its not your fault - enjoy your pregnancy.

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