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Pregnancy, teaching in mutiple classrooms and risk assessments

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by d2148j, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. d2148j

    d2148j New commenter

    Ok, I'm hoping someone has the answer. I am a nomad this year. After my return to work after last lot of maternity leave/ and the fact that I know work part time. I haven't had a classroom and this year I am teaching in 8 different classes. For example today I have taught 4 doubles, in 4 different classrooms and I'm knackerd.
    I have my dating scan on Monday (I'm 10+4) and not many people at work know. I haven't told the boss and won't be until after my scan. I am writing letter to notify them of my pregnancy and need for risk assessments.
    Can I put in there that I don't think teaching in 8 different classrooms is a good idea. I am having to carry textbooks from one to another as there aren't enough to leave them in there. Only 1 out of the 8 is actually even a history classroom as well which means history resources aren't easily accessible. It is the carrying books and having to leg it between one side of school and other when everyone else is on the move that is worrying me
  2. Hi d2148j Im glad you are asking this question as I am in a similar position.
    We moved to a new school a couple of years ago and as a result there is now not enough classrooms for the numbers of teachers within the department, combine this with our HOD wanting us to be more "flexible" with our teaching at least twice a week I teach 6 lessons in 6 different rooms. Its enough to tire anyone out without being pregnant as well!!
    I have been signed off work this week by my GP with tummy cramps that he feels have been brought on by the stress of being back in work and having to move around so often - no chance to catch my breath between classes sometimes! I am meant to be having my risk assessment with the Head next week - I already have the paperwork for it, but there is no mention of moving rooms etc being a possible issue. I do intend to bring it up with my Head but now that timetables are up and running Im not too sure what they will be able to do???
    I know this doesnt help you d2148j - and I hope someone with answers will be able to help us soon!
  3. From what I remember of my risk assessment it did ask about lifting and things so you may be able to mention it then. My school were always quite good about things like that and tried to keep pregnant teachers in the same room if possible but I know not all schools are the same. If you don't get any joy then try your occupational health dept who will be able to support you with a stress risk assessment, one of our (non-teachers) had one after a long period off with stress/depression and she is mainly kept in the same room now as OH said multiple rooms were affecting her health and her ability to stay in work.
  4. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    I am not sure what the official answer is but my Head brought this issue up with me at my risk assessment as I was in 14 different classrooms. She offered to try and wiggle the rooming a bit so there is sime hope for your situation! X
  5. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I was in exactly the same situation. I went back to work in Feb last year after having my son, and i was on 0.5 and in 9 different classrooms, on different levels of the school.
    I was pregnant again last August and when i informed the school (in November i think) and did a risk assessment, they offered me a lift key and a laptop bag with wheels and a long handle, like a suitcase! That helped anyway, but I was still in all the different rooms.
    Quite late on in my pregnancy i asked if i could just remain in one room - i went through my union rep - and they did arrange for me to stay in the same room and that really made a difference. I was about 30 weeks by this point though so I do wish i'd asked sooner.
    I used to send pupils to get textbooks.
  6. d2148j

    d2148j New commenter

    thanks ladies. Once I've had my scan I will go and have a chat with them. I'm shattered from running around now what I'll be like at 30+ weeks I'll never know
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    You will be dead on your feet! Unless you're lucky and sleep well. I slept so badly in my pregnancy and ended up going on maternity leave earlier than planned as I was so exhausted.
  8. d2148j

    d2148j New commenter

    think you are right there. I went at 35 weeks with H (well at Christmas and then started maternity leave on first day of term) but this one is due right at start of Easter holidays. I feel half term would be too early but not sure?

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