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Pregnancy and leadership

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by Nic588, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Nic588

    Nic588 New commenter

    How have your schools reacted to pregnancy news? I am having my scan during my PPA but I now owe them a cover!
    How does parenting including perhaps part time working hours and leadership work in your school?
    Thank you
  2. chevonanc

    chevonanc New commenter

    I have had two rather different responses from my previous and current workplace so you can really never know! Neither were negative but my old head made it fairly obvious that she wasn't thrilled about the news. Don't be scared though as it's illegal for them to discriminate against you because of pregnancy so most heads will be wise enough to just congratulate you and leave it at that!
    You don't say whether the school knew that you were going for a scan? Once you have notified them that you are pregnant you are entitled to paid time off for all maternity related appointments without having to make any time up.
    My previous school allowed an assistant head to return part time when her maternity ended and my current school were doing everything they could to create a job share for a colleague that was looking to return on a part time basis but they do not have a legal responsibility to do so. It is worth reading this:
    https://www.gov.uk/flexible-working so that you know exactly where you stand and what the process is. An informal chat is also a good way to go. I had a chat with my previous employer and they were happy to accommodate me working from home 2 days a week (I'm a business manager so it was a viable option) but then declined the request when I put it in formally. They changed their mind when I put in my resignation which made a joke of the whole process!
    Good luck

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