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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saah, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. hi this is my first time on the forum. i am expecting at the momont and it is the first time i am taking maternity leave from a school. a few niggles that i had in my head that i need some advice with.
    1. i have already had some scan, midwife and a physio appointment - all pregnency related. my HT has just said that they may in the future take my ppa time off becuase of the appointments. can they do this? any body else been in a similar situation?
    2. the HT hasnt got time to go through my maternity stuff. i am waiting to get my matb1 and hand that in with the dates that i am planning on taking. can i start my maternity in the summer hols? my baby is due in Aug 2012.
    3. do you still accumulate all holidays during the maternity leave, even if you work in a school - due to all the hols that we teachers get? is this paid?
    please help, all advice welcome.

    thanks [​IMG]

  2. sweetsaregood

    sweetsaregood New commenter

    Hi, I don't think they can take your ppa time off you. Whether or not they are allowed to reduce it based on the teaching you are doing that wweek, I don't know.
    You can start your maternity whenever you want, so if baby is due in Aug then you can put due date as the start, and then it will start on that day or before if baby is early.

    I don't know about holidays, I hadn't thought about it,

    I'm sure someone else will be able to help who has more experience!

  3. You cannot have PPA removed for you to attend antenatal appointments - your employer may ask to see appointment letters/cards as proof, but you must attend appointments when requested to (in my case, I can only see the midwife 9-12 on a Wednesday and my consultant 9-12 on the Thursday as they are when the clinics run....) Speak to your union if your HT tries this trick again...
    You can start your maternity leave on any day you choose, the latest date being you estimated due date as shown on your MATB1. You must inform your employer of your pregnancy by your 25th week to claim occupational & statutory maternity pay. You must give (in my LEA) at least 3 weeks notice of your intention to start maternity leave. If you are signed off sick due for pregnancy related reasons after 36 weeks, your employer may start your maternity leave automatically.
    Holidays depends where you are - in Scotland you are entitled to some extra days, but your union or authority HR department should be able to explain this to you. In England & Wales, there is no provision made to take holidays accrued during maternity leave after your leave ends.
  4. 1. no they cannot take your PPA
    2. you can put any day from 29 weeks up to and including your due date as the start day of your maternity leave
    3. in England no, you do not get holidays. the loophole is that you are entitled to take 25 days a year and schools say that they are rolled over to the following year and added to your entitlement then. as we get 13 weeks (so 65 days) then they legally are giving you 2 years' worth of the minimum entitlement of 25 days in the one school year.

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