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Prefect training

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by Snorkers, May 15, 2008.

  1. Snorkers

    Snorkers New commenter

    We do prefect training in-house and a good activity is to get them (in teams) to design the perfect prefect - we normally give them flip charts and marker pens. It's good for encouraging discussion and it's quite interesting the different perspectives that they have!

    We have sessions on school-related issues (e.g. child protection, sanctions, key SMT/management roles) and on soft skills (e.g. commmunication and presentation skills, leadership styles, organising a team). There's also some "how would you deal with this situation" type activities.
  2. We provide a Teachers' Pack so that schools can run our one day 'Perfect Prefect' course internally. We also offer self-study booklets for individual prefects so that they can develop skills and knowledge related to their roles. You can find out more from our website: www.aurora-tds.co.uk/prefects.html
    Chris Cordery
    Aurora TDS
    01733 764179
  3. I have 85 prefects at the age of year ten and all training is done in house by myself. I run six, two hour sessions a year and each session has a particular leadership quality. E.g communication or creativity. In the communication one we play a number of games to start with that involve students to analyse who and how people communicated in them. The human knot both talking and in silence works really well. They then discuss ways to proactively communicate to each other and their link teachers before starting their own monthly blog where i can see their progress in their roles. We also run the year 9 options fair and they film and edit a revision video for their subject for teachers to use in class. All still work in process but hope there is something in their that would help someone!
  4. mcgrathclare

    mcgrathclare New commenter

  5. Carolrocket

    Carolrocket New commenter

    This all sounds amazing! Would you be willing to share your resources?

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