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Pre-Service Teacher knowledge development

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by jessjane_h, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. jessjane_h

    jessjane_h New commenter

    Hello All.

    I am wondering if anyone had any recommendations of books, websites or any other resource that would assist me in buliding my knowledge of all KLA's.

  2. Aim4Jannah

    Aim4Jannah New commenter

    Hello Jess

    Have you looked at Scootle? You can access great resources there and having a look through the resources and how they align to outcomes can help give you a better understanding of the KLA.
  3. jessjane_h

    jessjane_h New commenter

    I never thought of scootle other than a lesson resource. Thank you for your suggestion!

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