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pre release materials A2/GCSE AQA

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by britney1004, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. HI
    does anyone know when the AQA BUSS4 research title is released for June 2011 sitting?
    And what about the controlled assessment title for GCSE Business Studies, sitting June 2012?
    Not sure where to look on AQA website...

  2. newyorkdoll

    newyorkdoll New commenter

    I can't find either....most frustrating and the exams officer at my school useless. Please post if you find out...thanks :)
  3. Last year - June 2010 pre reading material appeared on the e-AQA secure site a day after the Buss 3 exam .... so I'd suspect that it should be available on Tues!

  4. Thanks everyone
  5. hlcoups

    hlcoups New commenter


    Research task for BUSS4 was released today - Corporate Social Responsibility

    Looks like another good one

  6. You'll find both on e-aqa. If you don't have an account ask your exams officer.[​IMG]


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