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Pre Release booklet - TV Crime Drama

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by Livbean, May 14, 2012.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help.
    I've just opened the pre-release materials, does anyone have any ideas what they think the 'production' task will be - it mentions 'e-media' - what would this entail? Are we looking at websites/banner adverts etc - can you think of anything else?
    I've prepped mine for a storyboard as this is what it tends to be normally, but it doesn't look that way now.
    Would really appreciate people's help,
    Thank you
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help.
    I've just opened the pre-release materials, does anyone have any ideas what they think the 'production' task will be - it mentions 'e-media' - what would this entail? Are we looking at websites/banner adverts etc - can you think of anything else?
    I've prepped mine for a storyboard as this is what it tends to be normally, but it doesn't look that way now.
    Would really appreciate people's help,
    Thank you
  3. I was just about to start a new thread on this! I would imagine its a website homepage for it, but don't want to be too presumptious. It could be a viral advert I guess, which you might storyboard, or maybe a fansite.
    Anyone else really annoyed about the 'family audience' part. We haven't studied any crime dramas that are aimed at a family audience. I'm struggling to even think of any to look at. Of course, shows like Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder are on in the day, so we could learn something about appropriate crimes to show pre-watershed, but they're hardly popular with children and teens.
    Been talking to my tutor group this morning about possible shows to look at aimed at kids but shows like the Sarah Jane Adventures, MI High and Scooby Do (!) are all more about aliens and monsters or conspitacies to take over the world. Nearly all the crime dramas we've studied are about murders and on AQA advice, we stuck to police procedurals, private detectives and other crime solving professionals. How are kids/teens ever going to fit into this category and do you think murders are not appropriate to show? Confused as to how to progress with this.
  4. I was thinking Lewis, Midsomer Murder;Jonathan Creek....ALso, thought murder might be ok so long as it is explicitly gory like Luther- what do you think???
  5. Lewis and Midsomer are still not really family viewing though are they? 'Family' to me suggests something like Doctor Who that is on at tea time and appeals to kids and adults, and although some crime dramas are less graphic, I'm not sure they would actually appeal to young viewers. Jonathan Creek might be better, or something a bit more like the Mentalist that is less a trained professional and more someone with a special skill that could potentially also be something a child/teen could do.
    Maybe something a bit comedy like Diagnosis Murder would appeal to younger viewers. In Case Histories that we watched recently, the pricate detective was a single parent and sometimes his daughter had to tag along with him, so something like that could be feasible.
    I did do a quick search and found films like Harriet the Spy which might be vaguely useful - trailers on YouTube. Also, Veronica Mars which is like a teen detective thing. Of course the danger with showing any of these to them is that the weaker ones will just copy the ideas.

  6. My bigger issue with it is the term 'e-media' - simply because I'd like to give them a whole load of possibilities of what it could be so they don't panic. Even if I could just give a list of website, viral video etc.
  7. The OR task - I wondered whether this might comprise a Press Release? As this is mentioned twice, once in the main intro and in the glossary. Agreed a webpage is the obvious option.

  8. I think the family audience bit calls for a bit of a sub genre - Comedy (which appeals to all!) Rather than the Dr Who slot - going for something along the lines of a 7 o'clocker - On the Buses/The Blue line/Dads Army aspect - good old fashioned Saturday night viewing, rather than all this reality stuff.
    Family films I think are also a good place to get inspiration from - Police Academy (on last night) Ace Ventura Pet Detective, St Trinians.
  9. Hi,
    When I attended the AQA course on Crime Drama they did mention the website and TV channel, Alibi quite a lot. I've looked at this with my students and it has a lot of interactive content from online detective games, blogs and forums, videos, quizzes and message boards. I'm thinking that the e-media AQA are after might be something along these lines? I've also got them to prep a storyboard for a 30 second TV ad to promote their own crime programme which also might be suitable but not so sure now.
    In response to looking at 'family friendly' crime dramas...well, I followed AQA's advice and studied procedurals and the like but we did look at The Bill (as this was also mentioned quite heavily by the course leader). Now, I know it's not on anymore but it's crime and before they beefed it up to complete with the likes of Luther et al it used to be on at 8pm so that might be worth a look perhaps?
    Hope this helps and any other ideas are all greatly received!
  10. I'm still going with Midsomer murder/Lewis and then Rosemary and Thyme, Columbo, Murder she wrote, Miss Marple, Mentalist,Poirot,Diagonosis Murder, Heartbeat etc. thought our crimes could be stealing a diamond/famous painting; not a gory murder; possibly kidnapping etc. thuink it has to be webpage not sure how they can draw an app for a phone or interactive game but they could have links on a webpage. What about merchandising???Do you reckon we can give up on trailers now- they can't possibly have them two years in arow, Can they? Ours are on exam leave so God knows what they will do now!
  11. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    Livid about the whole family orientated thing.. my lot have loads of great ideas about tense, post watershed crime dramas and now have to change them all. The problem is that most teens dont want to watch the "family orientated" crime dramas like Marple, Murder She Wrote etc.. They DON'T appeal to a wide audience. Where as the post watershed shows are appealing to adults and teens.. if they want to include children in that as well then that's quite a WIDE target audience for a media product and virtually impossible for a company to sell to a channel. Can ANYONE think of a TV crime drama watched by adults, teens and children apart from Dr Who maybe? And that's sci fi to engage the kids where as they want a "realistic" setting?! Do you think if they pitched an idea for a young audience eg teens solving crimes to be on at 5.30 / 6 ish then it would be marked down as not appealing to adults as well?

    Glad I got mine to pitch an idea containing a non stereotypical character though as that is on the prelim material..

    With regards to e-media:
    My lot have already designed website homepages, but I think I might get them to:
    * design a page for their website that features a game
    * one page that features blogs / threads / tweets / facebook links etc,
    * A facebook group page for their show
    * Storyboard a trailer (with a view to this being put on You Tube or appearing on the website or sent as a viral etc
    * Design the main page for the app / Discuss the app for a new game for their show (we downloaded onto a set of I pads and played with the CSI Miami and the NCIS game apps so we will take our inspiration from there..)

  12. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    So glad to see this thread!
    I too am cross about family since most of what we've looked at doesn't really fall into this category. My students were asking me today about CSI since it's on the Five channels at 7/8 pm, therefore at the right time for a younger audience. I wasn't really sure: "family" could mean tea-time (as people have said) or 8pm The Bill.
    I'm also cross that AQA mentioned the Website on the courses: I didn't attend them since we didn't have the money and last year I foudn the action adventure one quite unhelpful. It doesn't seem fair though that it was hinted at for those who attended, particularly since there wasn't any real reference to it in the text book. Our students leave soon so I'll have to make sure I cover it before they go.
    This is why I'm moving to OCR next year. The unpredictability of the changing topic and the ambiguity of some of the content is becoming increasingly infuriating.
  13. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    The AQA text book says:
    "Family audiences: Programmes shown earlier in the evening or during the day. Content tends to be appropriate for older children as well as adult, e.g. The Bill, Heartbeat, Ashes to Ashes and Without a Trace"
  14. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    The press release is the brief
  15. timrahman

    timrahman New commenter

    One question will be to write a pitch, there is a very similar question on the reality tv paper. I still think the final OR task wil involve the option to storyboard - they can't just leave it as expecting two e-media tasks.
    I've noticed the family friendly thing as meaning they want something that is by the numbers - they mention the fact it is a popular genre etc. I'm guessing a question might be about why do audiences like them? which could enable students to give answers where they can throw some theory in.
    Maybe we should write what we think each of the 4 questions will be - I'm sure if we come to an agreement it will help guide things - then we can all kick off at AQA if wrong hahaha
  16. greeneyes

    greeneyes Occasional commenter

    I wonder if it's going to be scripting because they stress that you're a writer. So I'm not sure if a task will be to script the pre-credit sequence.
    I was warned that it would be pre-watershed by an examiner when I attended a moderation course in November.
  17. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    Been thinking, perhaps too much, about Insitution? We have done quite a bit about channels and audience and most of these satellite channels don't commision their own shows.
    Shouldn't they still think about ITV/BBC etc or at least which channel they might be taken from?
    Also, I do think that we will have to think about what consistutes a family audience anyway. I think we might look at something daft like Diagnosis Murder and think about devices it uses to appeal to a wide audience.
  18. The 'new & emedia' section might be a written response. I assume pupils will be expected to explain ''In universe'' marketing similar to the Dr. Watson blog on Sherlock. Every week 'Dr Watson' logs on and updates the cases.
    Try to get you students to discuss using Instagram, Twitter & Facebook but in an ''in universe'' way. Further comments should be made on hashtags, QR codes & apps. Again, all linked to THE PUPILS IDEA. The idea of a family audience is throwing some teachers. This will impact on how the show is marketed. E.g. get them to consider synergy & horozontial integration. Young people are more likely to use social media due to their SNP (social networking potential). Parents might be targeted via more tradition platforms but which still have emedia links on them.
    Finally, a good time to screen it would be 8pm. The idea of 'family viewing' is that everyone is back home, fed and settled down. This doesn't really happen between 5-7pm. In the AQA documentation it mentions 'audience types' and one they identify as 'family followers'.

  19. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    Yes I thought that. I put scriptwriting into my revision booklet (available as a resources on this site) that I made so at least my students have seen an example script etc.. But I will be well annoyed if it comes up as it will mean they will end up doing 4 written questions and no real creative design based ones. It seriously disadvantages the students who struggle with the written work but excel at the design tasks.
  20. Its just about always been a drawing task. I think it would be highly unlikely to be a script writing task. It's probably unwise to assume anything, however.

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