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Pre-planned "situations" from pupils to cause damage to teachers.

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by speechcompanyinfo, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. speechcompanyinfo

    speechcompanyinfo New commenter

    A few months ago, I had post-theatre supper with an actor pal, who does a lot of regional theatre and was once known very well as TV actor. He's a trained teacher and like me, really enjoys the job. We tend to talk teaching rather than theatre when meet up as he does Supply in between theatre jobs.

    However he said "No way am I doing supply anymore.... "
    I asked "Why?"
    He said, "Three girls, Primary year six, saw me race after an additional needs boy, during a football match.. he'd gone AWOL, and I had to turn him round and guide him back to the football game. It was either that or he'd start playing with the traffic, as he was running towards the fence and the road.. The girls reported me for abuse."

    I said, "hmmm.... was that a pre-planned set up do you think?"

    He said "Possibly - but - what annoys me is that there will be no consequences for THEM and a question mark over my professional integrity... I'm furious but wife said.. leave it"

    Then in these forums, I read the remark of another male teacher, which I will quote.

    It seems it has become a game for students to play, in the full knowledge that it can cause massive problems for the staff concerned.

    Being male and falsely accused of abuse is very serious. Much less serious is being filmed by a Year Eleven, followed by a flounce out from him and a trip to the Head of Dept, but what unites these situations is this.

    1) They were pre-planned. 2) The students had full knowledge that nothing will happen to them. There are no consequences for treating supply teachers badly. 3)Causes problems for staff, whether on supply or not.

    I was on supply at an FE college and four girls were lifting up their sweaters and flashing their bras at the religious boys sitting opposite them. When I caught them, I said, "Look, could you four please go and have a cup of tea and consider whether you are really in the mood to be in this lesson?" To my surprise the four girls left, and went straight to the head of the FE college to announce that I was "denying them the right to learn, and I needed to write them an apology letter"
    Gritting my teeth, knowing that I'd get no support, I wrote the apology letter.
    At no point in time was the sexual taunting of the boys, considered to be a problem an I was told NOT to mention it in the letter.
    Next time I taught the group, the girls read out the letter to the group, and waved it at me from time to time, just so I knew "who was boss".. The rest of the students said that this group of girls do this to every new supply teacher and usually the supply teacher left, rather than put up with it.

    I left, rather than put up with it.

    I chatted with this amid the comrades at the Health Club Ladies changing room and was sad to learn that several of them had been subject to this pre-planned game from girls at the FE college. One had a male partner who failed the send the girls out, the religious boys had made a complaint about HIM, and he had to write a letter of apology to the religious boys, for failing to protect them from the flashing bra girls.

    We all said "This has got to be pre-planned"

    And so it goes on. The college authorities are either oblivious or dim or both, but probably they just don't care. Needless to say the college has the "outstanding" tag, but outstanding in what I wonder?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  2. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    well, you are out of it, and the college will be facing a staffing shortage and the children will be inadequately educated, so you are the one that's come out best,
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  3. speechcompanyinfo

    speechcompanyinfo New commenter

    Ah, the funny thing is this. I do guest teaching sometimes, and at an inner city college, who should step into the lift. portfolio under her arm, to do her undergrad degree at another "outstanding" institution, but "Bra Flasher In Chief", the main organiser of the game. She looked exactly the same....creepy.
    She recognised me and froze in shock. I pretended not to recognise her - because to be honest - I'd seen rather too much of her than was healthy.
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