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Pre PGCE ICT Advice

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by swfaz, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I've recently been accepted onto a PGCE in ICT course. I was hoping if anyone could give me any advice before the course commences.
    King regards.

  2. I'm a PGCE student at NTU
    what advice do you want?

    Best advice is learn as much as you can NOW.
    Adobe, Serif, Office (2003-2010), theory for GCSE and A level. Download and look at specs (OCR nationals are common now)

    Get as organised as you can
    Organise a space for you and be prepared for a lot of work! It isn't hard work just a lot of it!
    Oh and lots of folders and stationery!
  3. Hi, well done! Hard work but worth it!
    Okay, make sure you are organised - organisation is the key thing to the PGCE.
    Also, if you are told by your lecturer to 'start looking at this...' or 'I suggest you go and read this...' or 'my advice would be to do this now' then do it!
    They have been through this and know full well what you have to do to pass the PGCE, it is very good advice and I would advise you to take it. Some of my peers did not and had problems.
    Also, make sure you plan time for socialising, you need time to wind down and have a break from it all as it can be very stressfull!
    It is the best thing that I have ever done, enjoy it because it soon flys by!
    Where will you be studying?
    Best of luck!
  4. Relax and go on holiday now, it'll be your last chance for a while! And all of the above advice!
  5. Thank you for the advise, I'll be studying at Bradford college in association with Leeds Metropolitan. [​IMG]
  6. I have also been accepted on to ITT ICT. I am frantically trying to improve my subject knowledge. Did you find that you had large gaps, and were you able to fill them if you did? It is the strangest subject as no matter how much you know, more is developed the next day! I don't own or have funds to own many of the HV software packages and am trying to get to grips with free software alternatives, in the hope that I will at least be familiar.

    I am really looking forward to September, though I am also very nervous.
  7. Hi I am just about to finish my PGCE year and it is really tiring but rewarding - and sometimes if you are lucky fun!. For subject knowledge Office 2003 and 2007 is a must and especially databases (queries and reports) and spreadsheets (goal seek and IF statements). Also Scratch is a free programme you can download with a great user guide for kids animation used a lot. Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks if you can - don't forget software4students will give you student discount on some of these packages. What I would hugely suggest is have a look at free resources on the TES and also Teach-ict.com which are brilliant and it will give you a real flavour of what teaching ICT is all about. Also National Curriculum strategies etc for ICT - though it is hard to see them in context without being in a school. OCR nationals as another poster said and also DIDA which are both used at Years 9+. And a revision guide for GCSE ICT will make you feel better about your subject knowledge. Don't forget with ICT things are always changing and you can't know everything.loads of good luck and generally kids love being on the computer so it is a great subject to teach. Good luck and remember that you will have moments when you feel like chucking it all in but don't coz it gets soooo much better towards the end.
  8. hi there,
    Almost at the end of myn ....Honestly speaking if i were you i'd put up your feet and relax fella ..asides from which you don't know what your teaching could be anything from Excel to Visual Basic or Java !!! Are you going to learn everything !!! Depending on the school and the students and the level you teach at and the place they have got to..
    An agile approach is best read a topic teach that topic ....
    Really dum..... to tire yourself before you start.,Cause Once you start its all go!!!..you'll be working non-stop lesson plans .materials as well as uni work (try to grab hold of some from your mentor, although sometimes you just have to make them)
    You might say thanks for nothing but it really is the best advice as you 'll see
    because theres an old saying a tired horse must fall.
    If your relaxed full of energy you will be able to be dynamic enough to do it all and more ....
    ...and start enjoying it ...though i have to say its a bit of an insane enjoyment at the mo ...well project to write so taty bye and good luck !!
    Had to smile when i saw your note looking back on what i just went through and am still going through ...never a dull moment is all i can say :)
  9. 1. Read up on OCR Nationals and DiDA. These are the common GCSE's used in schools. Some teachers will say one is more popular than the other but look up both. I was used to DiDA which I thought was far better than OCR Nationals.

    2. Look at www.teach-ict.com. Loads of resources that you might be able to adapt.

    3. Get hold of Sue Cowleys 'Get the *** to Behave'. Read it.

    4. Get hold of OCR AS and A2 Level ICT Books for ICT. Very informative in getting you up to speed.

    5. Make sure you know Microsoft Office inside and out.

    6. Get to know one of the Applied A Level course

    7. Get a load of folders, dividers, stationary together.

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