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Pre-PGCE Application Experience

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by stacey1004, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Sounds like your experience is fab so far but you definately need more class time with the age group you intend to teach, it doesn't matter if you haven't done it yet as you can mention arranged work experience in your application, but of course it's always better if you have experience to reflect upon in your personal statement.
    However, I would have a look at the number of places available for your chosen Unis as the Secondary training places have been cut by around 14% overall, and more so in the over-subscribed curriculum areas.
    There are people on these boards that applied in September 2010 and have been interviewed months ago and are still waiting for replies about whether they have a place or not as the funding announcements were only made early last week, some courses have had a 50% cut in places, so please look into that before applying. Many unis have already closed their applications for some courses, I know Secondary English in 2 of my local unis is not accepting new applications as my work colleague wanted to apply.
    The info you need is here;
  2. Sorry misread what you meant, you mean you would start in 2012, I thought you meant you wanted to apply for Sept 2011, but then I reread that you are 2nd year undergrad......DOH!
    As long as you get your work experience at secondary sorted then you should be fine, sounds like you're doing everything you can!
    Ignore everything else I said as next year it could be very different again!
    Best of luck!
  3. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    The more classroom experience you have, the better. If you can (and I'm sure it's easier said than done) I would try and set up something regular in a secondary school, maybe for next year, where you go in for perhaps an hour or two one morning a week, so that you can see how the children's learning progresses over time. That would give you a nice contrast with the blocks of observation that you've got lined up for later this year.
  4. I definitely agree more classroom experience is needed- the HOD I mentioned actually said he would be very willing to provide me with and possibly put me in touch with more schools in the local area and I would be more than happy to commit to a few hours in the English department once a week (I actually really enjoy the sound of that)- Its just a waiting game for him to get back to me with dates/times and whether it can continue for a long period of time!
    As I have to apply this September can I put on there that I have arranged observation experience in a continual mode over the next year or does any experience I put down have to be completed?
    One more thing:
    My father is a History and World Politics Head of Department at a local international college, but he is blind, and so gets support from outside the college in terms of processing class profiles, typing up lesson plans, reading aloud and making physical annotations on essays as he dictates. I am one of the people that are employed by the college to do this? Is this okay to put down as experience in any possible way?
  5. Hi AcaciaY. First of all definitely a good idea to come on here and find out info, good start!
    The experience of helping your dad is definitely a good thing to put down! Why wouldnt it be as you have experience in developing lesson plans and mark schemes! Also can add you have disability awareness. I wouldnt say it's for a family member, just because looks better if it's like you've got the role yourself if you see what I mean.
    In terms of your other experience
    Instead of putting a negative spin that it made you realise you dont want to do primary, say why it made you realise you want to do secondary e.g. so you can focus on your subject at a higher level. but also its good that you know where the students in your class, especially yr7s have come from, so you know what knowledge to build on.
    This is great. I'd say now focus on classroom experience, because that is what they specifically look for, though this is good for showing all round skills.
    not sure what you mean by social work... do you mean about developing her social skills? again, this is good to have knowledge of learning difficulties and you can say you have ideas to how you would adapt lessons to make them accessible for other autistic students based on this experience.
    take these offers up definitely! say you got 2 weeks on each during the summer, that would be brilliant for your interview in autumn/winter. or splitting them up to 2 weeks in summer 2 weeks in september could be good too.
    i've got onto a pgce but not for english, so other people might tell you some subject specific things, but just learn about schemes of work, different things done at different key stages on your work experience. Ooh open days might be advertising about now too- definitely go to them! i also did the student associate scheme http://www.tda.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/career-exploration/sas.aspx which is 3 weeks experience you get paid for, but not sure if they do it for english anymore. worth looking into though.
    hope that helps, best of luck![​IMG]
  6. Thanks so much for your great help- this is exactly the kind of reassurance I was after, and how to put a positive spin on all my experience (present and future!)
    I did actually get a place on an SAS scheme but was then told the government had pulled out of funding English- gutted!

    By social work I meant quite literally my volunteer role is to encourage her to be comfortable around people other than her mother and how to cope in different social situations. She goes to a specialist school for only a few hours a week on two days and so she is very isolated at home, being a single child and also having had very troublesome experiences in main stream schools. I go on walks with her, take her for coffee (and encourage her to say the order aloud, pay the money etc) and discuss her school work with her! We are also in regular contact via email throughout the week.
    Very luckily she is an extremely clever girl and has a very indepth knowledge of English literature and we can debate issues or ideas really well!

    Thanks so much again!
  7. You're very welcome! You're probably aware there have been lots of cuts this year and people who had interviews months ago still don't have a place. I really hope it isn't like this for you next year!
    That's so annoying about SAS. But at least you still have other work experience lined up - getting that is so hard. The number of letters I sent out to hear nothing was ridiculous!

    Your volunteer role sounds excellent! Definitely put it in your personal statement! And quite handy she's good at english literature too so you have the perfect tie in! On your work experiences they might let you do some help with special needs (in my experience they were the department most grateful for help!) so would give you the chance to apply your skills in the classroom setting.
  8. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Definitely put it down, as it'll look really good (I think anyway) that you're keen to get experience for experience's sake, rather than just to have it done in time for your application. Also, by the time you get invited for interview you'll have started it, so it'll be something the interviewer can ask you about if he/she knows about it. Of course you could always talk about it even if the interviewer doesn't directly ask about it, but if you've got it planned, definitely stick it in somewhere in your application - maybe in your personal statement.

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