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Discussion in 'Personal' started by fincop, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. I'm glad TES is actually trying SOMETHING - but to be honest, I think they need to switch to a version of forum software that allows them to at least attempt to IP ban some people (I know there are ways around it - but it would at least knock some of it on the head). My fear is that now Opinion will become infested with much more than the Chrises - and there have already been a few signs of it overspilling into places like H+W etc. You can't pre-mod the entire site really.
    Also - what's going to happen when the mods go home for the evening? Is all traffic going to be halted while Gail and co have their feet up with a bottle of red finding out who killed Archie Mitchell?!
    As for the Opera issues - I use Opera Mini on my phone - it's erratic if I can log into the site (my phone doesn't like that stoopid login window - just make it a login page!) but I can't format properly, even put paragraphing in or anything and can only occasionally post.
  2. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Well, it is my understanding some people do not test the websites against chrome, safari or Opera because their share in the market use is much lower than firefox and internet explorer. However, combined they do have a nice little share of users. Not to mention, Opera being widely used on mobile internet, they could have at least tried. What Opera do is try themselves to find a workaround because website designers are largely a little lazy and tend to only make a site to work with the two main ones.
  3. A check on 'new' names (rather than posters, if you know what I mean...nudge, nudge) is long overdue.
    Thanks Mods.
    (I also have this urge to have the devious, spiteful ones outed....but what's happening is good.)
  4. Nah, it was Autumn rather than Spring - it's only been 18 months at most!
  5. HooraAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAygreat news! I don't see why the whole site can't be pre-moderated. Busier sites than this one are pre-moderated and if they say they are doing it then they obviously can do it. IMO this will seriously slow down the imbeciles. Genuine posters should have no big problem with pre-moderation if they are keen to take part. I've not been put off posting on other pre-moderated sites so I really don't see a problem. This will have a definite effect on the trolling - may not wipe it out but they won't be able to run riot like they have been doing.

    I dunno - maybe all of us regulars need to respond by doing OUR bit and really making a massive group effort not to feed the bugg.ers. AT ALL. Double the effort to get rid. Just an idea to see what others think about that?
    Anyways,,,credit where it is due to the mods!
  6. I think that is a great idea. It is hard (so tempting sometimes) but if the mods are pitching in to finally do something maybe we can build on it?
  7. When our backs are against the wall we should turn round and fight!
    (J Major, c1995)
  8. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I'm going to try posting to see if anything happens.
  9. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    My post went through straight away.I thought it had to be moderated first?
  10. Catmother you are not a new poster. It is just new posters (is my understanding).
  11. I think its only for new posters, not us *oldies"!

    ............................Smudgie xxxxxx
  12. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I see. They knew that I'm just a boring old girl and not a troublemaker! Story of my life.....
  13. I quite like being boring, so much better than being a troublemaker any day...............Smudgie xxxxxx
  14. I post to many places. A lot are pre moderated like this. BBC sites and newspaper sites are. They seem to have very little trouble so I dont see why it should not work here. But something keeps playing on my mind so I would like to air it. TES appears to be very different to other places I post. Those not moderated do get trolled sometimes its never to the extent or many types here. Something more has been going on in TES. I do wonder if the trolls have really gone away or are an enemy within. I do keep wondering how many of the trolls and the like had/ have a respectable user name that is still here now and still posting. I know I read just after arriving myself a comment from someone who said that they believed that one regular troll was also a regular respected poster. I keep wondering how many different user names have been used to keep the problem going. It was a very unusual problem which I have seen only on TES.
    Its not my original thought , I remember reading it when I fist came in two years or more ago and I have seen a couple of posts today echoing something like it. If it has been a problem specific to some posters here then I am sure the moderation will stop it now. Well I think thats enough from me for a few days. I have posted more today than for a long time and I want to see how things go for a bit before posting anymore.
  15. Yay for the mods.
  16. They seem to have moved over to Opinion[​IMG]
  17. I've just had a peek at opinion too. I must say it's nice to come back here and relax in the forum equivalent of the private departure lounge. No oiks allowed.
    Just lovely.
    It's so nice, I just can't get over it (I am soooo sad!)
  18. I am new and it really is putting me off. I posted on two discussions yesterday afternoon and there is still no sign of my contributions...

    How long do they keep pre-moderating you for anyway? When will I stop being'new'?
  19. Hi
    Sorry for any frustration. You must have posted this shortly after your other two were let through this morning. We figured that the Personal forum is not likely to be the first place a new member would post so it hasn't been an issue since pre-moderation began - it has improved the forum though.
  20. I was also wondering how long it will be before I am not 'new' anymore?

    Is it the date we joined or the amount of posts we have that you base it on?

    I'll be good, I swear! [​IMG]

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