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Pram quilts

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by daisyhorse, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a pram quilt? Why are they not fashionable anymore? I've been into Mothercare and Mamas & Papas and another shop and can't seem to find one. I'm after something similar to a quilt for a mosses basket (which you can't seem to buy separately either).
  2. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    We had a moses basket (gift from a relative) which came with a quilt, however I never used it as quitls and duverts are unsafe for young babies to sleep under becuase of the danger of suffocation and overheating. As a baby would sleep in a pram too that's probably why pram quilts aren;t widely available. For actual sleeping, I used cellular blankets tucked under the moses basket mattress until LO started kicking them off, then used sleeping bags (Grobags are the best as they are longest so not outgrown for ages) which are brilliant. In the pram LO wore a snowsuit as she was a winter baby and there is a pram apron type thing on the carrycot which covers them but is lightweight. Ebay is great so I'm sure you could find one on there just to look pretty. Hope that helps!
  3. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Local markets, or knitting groups are apparently cool again-could you ask someone to do one in your colour scheme, either pay them or make a donation to a charity if they do it, think some churches do this.
    As for safety, obviously monitor him when he's asleep in the pram, tuck it at the bottom etc, but plenty of people still do use blankets and quilts- and all the recent accidents to babies have been in modern buggies, not old fashioned prams!
    I do think it sounds a nice idea, not that I really did it as just used a modern buggy as soon as poss (not one of the ones that have been in the news about causing accidents!), but word of mouth at the baby groups say that babies in 'real' prams have great posture and some mums think they are more sociable, like I say can't say from experience. But last timeI looked mothercare still sold Moses basket quilts which look the same as pram covers, that wasn't that long ago but you can check.
  4. Thank you all for replying. I wasn't aware that there were any accidents involving quilts and prams. I've bought a mamas & papas pramette for my daughter and wanted to use a small quilt. You can't seem to buy the quilts separately for the moses basket. I'll just make one which I did when my children were small.
  5. You can get cellular blankets which you can fold up for the pram. If they are in a car seat on a pram frame I have used this.. http://www.morrck.co.uk/ its called a baby hoodies. I still use it now and she's just over 2.
  6. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    The nicest one I've seen is the stripy, knitted one at Mamas and Papas. Gorgeous!
  7. I was lucky enough to have a blanket knitted for me by my grandmother that I use on the pram/pushchair every day, rather than use the cosy toes. I often get comments about how lovely and unique it is. She intends to knit one for all of her great grandchildren and is currently on number 3! I agree about the moses basket/cot, it's best to use cellular blankets or a sleeping bag when they are bigger. However, for out and about I think a nice snuggly blanket is just the ticket.

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