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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Paula Atkins, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Have an interview for BIS in Prague. Does anyone have any info??? The pay's not great but is it enough to live on??
  2. Have an interview for BIS in Prague. Does anyone have any info??? The pay's not great but is it enough to live on??
  3. thought i'd put this back to the top because i'm in the same position. any advice about schools and Prague in general (even if you've only been there for a holiday!) would be very gratefully accepted!
  4. I was in Prague for about 40 mins after getting off a train from Germany. In that time, I met an american who had his camera stolen and I myself was mugged at knife point with my money taken.

    Suffice to say Prague isnt exactly on my must visit list. That said its an attractive place but pickpocketing and mugging (for set amounts) appears to be rather all to common.

    Its also extremely cheap. I think a beer is about 45p
  5. Tower01

    Tower01 New commenter

    Hi. Not in Prague but in Slovakia. I would say that Prague would be a good place to work, cost of living very low compared to UK. A beautiful place and close to UK if you need to go home regularly. As for pickpockets, well, they're everywhere and you always have to be aware of that kind of thing - wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  6. Have no direct experience of Prague, but I have a girlfriend who has travelled all over Europe, and is very knowledgeable about many cities. She puts Prague in her top three cities of Europe.

    Interestingly, she has complained about being mugged in Barcleona but never in Prague - but crime is pretty much Europe wide.....

    She is taking me there this summer.....I am told that it is a stunningly beautiful city with plenty to see and do.
  7. Hi Paula, I worked in Prague a few years ago at one of the International schools, maybe yours. The pay was ****, hard to live on the salary esp. if you have committments in the U.K. School O.K. director dodgy. Prague itself is great, loads of cafes, cinemas, cheap drink, beautiful city but yes my handbag was snatched. Have to be careful on that account. Worth going for the city alone but you'll save nothing or very little. Hope this helps.
  8. Must have been to Prague 15 times in about as many years, sometimes stayed there all summer with friends; yeah there are a few undesirables who snatch bags, etc. but tell me a place where they don't, I have seen it done all over the world very often in Europe's poshet places-just DO NOT CARRY HANDBAGS for God's sake and keep your wits about you (you'll spot them a mile away)! But such a cracking place, you'll have the time of your life, absolutely magical. If the pay was decent, I'd live there half of the year. Serious crime (muggings, etc.)
    is extremely rare -compared to the rest of Europe that is.
    The danger really lies elsewhere:
    the Old Town is now being RUINED by UK, Russian and German lager louts at an alarming pace, they really swagger about the place as if they owned it, it's a real tragedy.
    What's yr pay like Paula ? You need at least 25,000 Kr./month (very good salary there) to live decently there, choose PRAHA 6 if you can.
    Check Ex-pats forums on GOOGLE for flats, etc. very useful
  9. Thanks for all ur help everyone. Have, in fact, decided not to go to interview as have been offered a job in another country. However, I agree with all the positive things written about Prague. Everyone who had been to Prague said what an amazing city it is so a few of us spent Christmas there. Wow! A stunning place, close to home and great food. Was a bit more expensive than I'd been told it would be but maybe that was the places we went to or because it was Christmas. Will definitely return when it is warmer!
  10. Hi. I've been invited over to Prague by an international school there. They're paying my flights and accommodation for a long weekend so i can see the school/meet the staff etc.

    My worry is that it is a Christian school and a lot of the questions on the phone interview were about this. I am a Christian but not to the extent of being able to talk for 15 minutes about it(although i must have waffled well!)

    Does anyone have experience of working in a Christian school abroad. Don't mean to sound silly but please reassure me - they're not looking for tee-totaller bible basher's are they?!?
  11. Just make sure that you don't mention dinosaurs, a big no no in with the Adam and Eve brigade
  12. blueeyes

    blueeyes New commenter

  13. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Christian schools do not have a reputation for paying their staff large salaries, alas. Prague used to be a cheap place and it certainly isn't any more.
  14. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    My guess is that now Prague is even more expensive than it was back in 2008, but the beer is still good.

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