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Practical, fun maths lesson for observation - year 5, inspiration needed!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by LadyGeorgie, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. I'm getting observed this week and I'm lacking ideas for inspiration. I've had a very up and down year for personal reasons and I would like to prove that this hasn't affected my teaching abilities (nobody has ever questioned this but it would be nice to prove to myself I can still be creative!) My school is having a big push on raising numeracy standards with an emphasis on creative teaching and the focus of the observation is assessing pupil progress. I'm on unit D3 from the new framework and the lesson should be on solving problems involving capacity. I'm thinking that I will get the BAR to order containers based on estimated capacity and then decide how to test if their idea is accurate using given equipment with an emphasis on assessing their ability to estimate capacity. I'm not sure what to do with the rest of the class though, I know the HT and DHT are going to be looking for me to really challenge the children but I'm lost for ideas. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. gemxgcw

    gemxgcw New commenter

    Which year group?
  3. gemxgcw

    gemxgcw New commenter

    Duh! Just seen the topic title!

    I've got some stuff at school with regards to problem solving approaches to numeracy, can you wait until tomorrow?
  4. cocktails spring to mind
  5. Don't worry, its sunday afternoon fried brains time! I can wait until tomorrow, do you know what the information you were sent is? We might have had it in school too.

    Juliejd - I was thinking about cocktails as I've seen other threads talking about this. Have you taught this? How do you approach it as a problem solving activity?

    Thanks for replying so quickly!
  6. gemxgcw

    gemxgcw New commenter

    What about a whole class investigation into how much they drink in a week. HAve a variety of mugs and glasses for the children to experiment with and find the capacity. Then use this knowledge to work out how much they drink. HA could be encouraged to express their answers using words, decimals and fractions.
  7. gemxgcw

    gemxgcw New commenter

    The problem solving stuff I've got is from Devon Council, it's a whole load of questions to use as a starting point for problem solving. I'm currently doing my masters and the first module I'm looking at is Problem Solving in maths. I also teach year 5, so I'm even more interested in your topic!
  8. Well when I do finally come up with something I would be happy to email my plan if it would be any use? I'm thinking about going with the cocktails/fruit punch idea with some converting measures for the AAR thrown in (ml and l, possibly litres and pints). Not sure what the problem to solve is going to be.
  9. Ok, I've been having a think and what I have come up with is this:
    Challenge ? to make a one litre fruit juice cocktail for a party. Offer children range of containers to use. Explain that they must make a litre of cocktail and must use the containers to estimate 1 litre. Children make cocktails and measure capacity ? how near was their estimate? Were containers used sensible? What knowledge did they have that they could use for this task?

    Each group to have different fruit juices on table, time to generate a cocktail by measuring and combining juices to make a cocktail of 1 litre. Record recipe for cocktail and answer differentiated questions. eg How much of x would you need to make enough cocktail for 5 people?

    What do people think?

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