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PPA - Just curious!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by claire810, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Thanks for that, jeanwalker, you sound great. Unfortunately our HLTA doesn't get PPA but she has also said that it's not part of her job anyway. That's why I wanted the regulation so I can pass this back to the HT.
  2. lorla4

    lorla4 New commenter

    Thats really interesting. In our school we have a teacher and a HLTA who covers PPA. Every year I have been there I have had the HLTA covering my class. In my first year this was for a whole day as she covered my NQT time as well. However, she wants you to plan for her, but not too much, oh and she doesn't feel comfortable doing maths, or literacy. THe only thing she seems to get given is RE and ICT and she then complains about doing only those things.
    I have put my foot down a bit more this year as I am now in dual year group so the teacher who does PPA can help support her and they quite often team teach. She is still trying to get out of maths.
    She also gets a full amount of PPA time herself. Our morning PPA does not start til 9.30 to make it even between the morning and afternoon slots. So she has half hour every day and an afternoon as well.
    As for the bank holidays, our head teacher does nothing about them. When I was an NQT, there was another in the school who was in year 6, her PPA and NQT time was both on a monday and she lost it everytime there was a bank holiday or INSET. When brought up it was said that a year group doesn't get monday PPA 2 years in a row. (doesn't take into account if you have changed year group though!)
  3. Now *that's* a nice idea..... if only.....
  4. All the staff in my school have afternoon ppa to prevent the 'morning ppa gets more time than afternoon ppa' arguments. We can go home too, so long as there are no meetings after school, which is fab. But we dont get ppa on the first or last week of term, and as my ppa day is a Monday, if there is a bank holiday or inset day, I lose my time.

    I think that SLT have to fit a lot of people into a tight timetable, and sometimes it works in your favour and sometimes it doesn't.
  5. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    STPCD Section 2: Professional duties of Teachers
    61.2 Plan and teach lessons and sequences of lessons to the classes they are assigned to teach within the context of the school’s plans, curriculum and schemes of work.
    When you are on PPA you are not assigned to teach your classes, someone else is. Another of our professional duties is to cooperate on delivering the curriculum, so it is good practice to liaise with the cover teacher/HLTA.
  6. I wish we actually had some PPA time! I work four full days in a Learning Centre (PRU for pupils permanently excluded from their previous school), teaching the primary age range with a Specialist TA . (My colleague does five days.) On two of these days we have staff meetings from 3:15. Owing to thoughtless "organisation" by a member of the SLT we have ended up with a group of six pupils aged from 7yrs to 12 yrs, six hours contact time daily and hence no time for PPA or key teacher work. We are with these very challenging pupils all day and have no morning break or lunch break away from them. If something doesn't change very soon I am seriously considering asking for Union advice. Anyone else in this situation?
  7. [​IMG] jackie3:We do sometimes miss our PPA on a Friday afternoon, but then we get our birthday off, a Xmas shopping day and a "I think you've had enough" day every now and again!
    Love it!
    In our primary school the KS2 teachers get a morning as they are officially due slightly more PPA time due to a slightly longer day and the KS1 teachers get the shorter afternoons. Works well - glad it is in one main block and we are allowed to spend our PPA time at home.
    Long live PPA time!
  8. Kelloggs

    Kelloggs New commenter

    Can somebody clarify then: when it is my PPA time, do I have to plan for it? In my school, we have to plan all our lessons, regardless of whether it is PPA or not, and get all resources ready etc. I thought that was normal practice?
  9. Thanks, becktonboy. I would always liaise with whoever is taking the class. What I object to is having to plan the lesson in detail and provide the resources.
  10. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    I agree, you shouldn't have to.
  11. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    It isn't, that's just what you have been told.

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