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PPA in final week

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Joyfus, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Joyfus

    Joyfus New commenter

    Has anyone else been told they won't be getting PPA in the final week of school???? Is this allowed? I may not have much planning to do, but I have a SHED load of preparation for my new class.
  2. headflower

    headflower New commenter

    PPA is protected - the rules are here:
    I'm pretty sure that they cannot just take the lot off you, but could use you under the 'rarely cover' rules.
    It would be great if you could get some other teachers to back you up when you challenge your school's decision. In my department, I am the only one who speaks up about issues (despite everyone else moaning in private!) and I get a lot of grief from my HOD.
    Good luck :)
  3. What is the school's reasoning behind this? You are absolutely entitled to PPA time in the last week. Maybe you could speak to your head and explain how much you still have to do. We are given our PPA time, plus extra time to move classroomsso that we don't need to do it in the holidays.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    My PPA time will go in the final week because it is when leavers' assembly is scheduled. I could, of course, make a fuss and miss leavers' assembly, but as one of the classes leaving is mine, I wouldn't want to.

    Bit of good will give and take...
  5. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Me too ( as if you couldn't guess!)
  6. We don't have PPA in the last week of term (and we often don't get it in the first week either). This is my first year in this school, and I was told this quite early on.
  7. NQT2004

    NQT2004 New commenter

    We aren't having it in this last week of term - normally do but short staffed. To be honest I think there does need to be a little give and take. We have been told to put a film on for an afternoon and 'give' yourself PPA and there are sports afternoons and plays were the whole staff don't need to be in - so people can grab some time there.
    I really don't mind missing a session of PPA, I also think be careful about having a moan becasuse I know if they actually added ours up fully we get a little, not a lot but a little more time than we are supposed to and this kind of thing can back fire... where management end of sticking to rules and being 'less flexible' - hope that makes sense!
  8. Whereas in schools like ours about half of the staff don't actually get their full allocation at all, and there is very little, if any, give at all from the school, but PLENTY of take, or sticking to the rules when it suits them, but when the rules are in your/staff favour, well, thats not really a rule we need to stick to, is it?
    If they are taking the P*** call them on it, and depending on how sick of it, how long it has been going on and how long you are planning on staying there for, get in contact with your union. Schools do it because they can.
  9. We dont have it in the last two weeks of term :eek:( Apparently it's been brought up before and there's some way round it that means they aren't doing anything wrong. Really annoying though, have so much to do for next year!
  10. Get the reasons for their 'way round it ' in writing...otherwise you have no proof either way and the situation will rumble on year after year until it become the norm. We fought for years to have PPA esp in Primaries.... we need to ensure that it is not eroded! Good luck
  11. I teach PPA cover. I'd have a very quiet week if it was cancelled! Who does your PPA if they can cancel at whim?
  12. We finish up next week and we don't have PPA. We never have it in the last week at this time of year. I am moving class this year and have time to do that but that's all. To be honest I don't mind not having PPA as there is so much going on next week that I would rather be in class.
  13. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Some interesting posts on this thread, with some good points made by the minx and the pixie.
    think all schools should reach an agreement with management about the
    conduct of PPA, times when it will not be taking place (in primaries
    ends of term are particularly choked with events the teacher would not
    want to miss), valid reasons for cancellation or postponement etc etc.
    Schools can not tell you what to do with your PPA time so the fact that you not having lessons next week is irrelevant (Planning, Preparation and Assessment can be for the medium as well as short term), they can not cancel it at will, the 10% of timetabled teaching time is an absolute minimum right which schools can not get round with aberrant custom and practice,
    ....but there is so little real regulation of PPA that staff would be well advised to nail management to an agreement that suits their own school. We are in the process of working such a thing out in my own school because so many staff are tired of negotiating week by week.
  14. Joyfus

    Joyfus New commenter

    It's all done by TAs.
  15. Joyfus

    Joyfus New commenter

    Thanks simlisme - lots to think about : )
  16. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    I hate to point this out but this is yet another LA website with slightly erroneous information. They claim "Once marked in the timetable, PPA time is "ring-fenced", i.e., it should
    not be encroached upon, including any obligation to cover for absent colleagues.
    The STPCD does not say PPA time is "ring-fenced", ie not to be touched, just that 'The time must not be encroached upon, including by any obligation to cover for absent colleagues.' which sadly does not preclude PPA time being cancelled pretty much any time management thinks is 'reasonable', sadly (again), the only limitation on much management activity and the only brake I can think of.

  17. headflower

    headflower New commenter

    Aah...there always does seem to be a get-out clause, doesn't there?
    I still think that to cancel everyone's PPA out of hand is unreasonable and would try to gather some colleagues to back me up whilst I presented my objections to SMT. Whenever I raise anything at work, my dear colleagues find a corner of ceiling or floor to examine - nobody says a word! Quite frustrating as they moan in private, but nobody else has the courage to stand up and be counted.
  18. Freeze!

    Freeze! New commenter

    I've missed mine the last couple weeks because of scheduled things such as special assemblies, transition events, sports days etc. In the final week there is no planning expected and the assessments are done so no one has ppa (even though it's for preparation too!) I think give and take works best and my school are very fair generally about these things. If I really needed it then I'd ask and probrably would be able to get some somewhere, but my prep is all for next year and I don't mind doing most of that over the holidays as I usually do!
  19. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    We usually get a whole morning or afternoon PPA which apparantly works out at slightly more time than the 10% so we have certain weeks when there is no PPA to make the time exactly accurate. This is probably the way your head calculates it too.
  20. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    have you
    actually calculated it - you'd be surprised how many heads get it wrong
    or just plain lie to their staff to get what they want or are too lazy
    to do right.
    another big assumption, heads just rely on nobody saying any
    very much agree with you - I tend to tell people to organise rather than moan, that if it matters enough to complain in my ear then it should matter enough to do something about. Having a good union base at the school is handy, because then staff are used to the idea of strength through unity and that no one person has to stick their head above the parapet, that demands and views can be put as a staff group.

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