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PPA in final week of term

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Joyfus, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Joyfus

    Joyfus New commenter

    Has anyone else been told that they can't have PPA in the final week of term? Is this allowed??? Mad mad mad...
  2. headflower

    headflower New commenter

    Hi :)
    No, it's not allowed! Here's the rules & regulations regarding PPA:
    It would be good if you could get some colleagues to back you up if you complain and present this informationto SMT. In my Dept, I am the only person who speaks out when I think things are wrong and I'm getting a bit of flak because of it...!
    Good luck :)
  3. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

    If PPA is systematicaly being ignord within a school by the head or senior managers, then yes, this is mad.
    HOWEVER, teachers need to have some flexibility in their approach. Joyfus, you don't say why PPA is being ignored.
    All I can talk about is our school. In the final week all students are off timetable and we provide opportunities for growth and development of skills, as determined by PLTS. For this to happen teachers have a small group for most of the day. For this week PPA is not adhered to. Instead, teachers are given a day non-contact time to allow teachers to prepare for September.
    In teaching, I believe there needs to be a flexible approach whereby schools can be creative with curriculum time. If this sometimes means you don't get your PPA on Period 3 on a Wednesday then so be it.
    For a school to be successful, you need staff who are willing and able to take a flexible approach, otherwise it becomes a swamp of pettiness, cynicism, back biting and inabilty to provide an excellent education for your students.
    Believe me, I am not a 'career' teacher, but coming from the Private sector do feel we teachers don't do ourselves any favours in the eyes of parents and the public. Missing PPA for 1 week isn't the end of the world, particularly when you have 6 (SIX) weeks to recover.

  4. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    What a good idea - and guaranteed to keep staff happy.
  5. OP, how can you complain about losing 1 PPA in the last week of term when we then get 6 weeks off? It really does stink of you being totally inflexible.
    I invariably lose PPA & L&M session when I am doing GCSE speaking tests. Do I complain? No, because these assessments HAVE to be done, they are scheduled before I am given my timetable and my main responsibility at this point is to think about the progress of my students. Can you imagine what SLT would say if I told them I'm not doing assessments p4 because it is my PPA.
    I suggest you learn how to go with the flow and deal with. Leagally allowed or not, it is of no importance in the last week of the year
  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I do wonder whether or not the OP would stay in school and do his/her PPA if it were timetabled for the last afternoon of term and the head decided to close early.
  7. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    Close early? Wow.... hardly ever happened in my whole experience of teaching as the pupils had an early depart whilst the staff sat (uncomfortably) for leaving eulogies for everyone from the caretaker's cat to other escapees. re PPA lost, well as long as "goodwill" is taken into account there should not be a problem re rearranging that kind of time. The day gained for non contact and preparation for September sounded a great idea and one I am sure I will never get to experience. Why are some management regimes so puntitive to the staff? From where I sat I saw many staff giving freely of their time to their students well over and above contractual and professional levels and yet I saw some extremely petty and small minded meaness from SMT. There is absolutely no "give and take" in too many places.
  8. What would you plan, prepare and assess - realistically?
    Be creative with what you get your pupils to do and you can free up some of your time in the classroom, for sorting, tidying, clearing out the debris of the year.
    I know another thread bemoaned the terrible waste of time that is the end of year DVD but it has somemerit forthe hard-done-by, PPA-less teacher.
  9. I love reading PPA concerns to know im
    Not alone! I think I have had 5 PPA sessions this year as they have been timetabled. We need to be flexible as a one year intake school and do not mind at all. My SMT are always fair and will try and make up time elsewhere. Due to different events this week and next I would love to spend time with my class rather than have my PPA so I shall probably join forces with my PPA teacher to allow for this. We have a day at the end of term to get prepared on our training day :) I suppose it may be different if i were moving maybe?
  10. I fail to see why you would need PPA in the last week.
  11. Well, I for one, have a million and one jobs to do in my PPA. Not least planning lessons up to and including the last day of school, even though the majority of them will not be taught! Crazy? I think so.
    But there always clear up, pass on, organise and get ahead jobs. Why wouldn't you have PPA?
  12. [/quote]
    Planning for next year perhaps?
    Preparing resources for next year maybe?
    Finishing off Assessments so that transition between classes is as up to date as possible?
    This week we are doing 2 evenings for concerts and 1 for the Prom. With 3 evenings gone we need our PPA to do some bloody work, you numpty!
  13. True, it is technically not allowed, but this is a peculiar time of the year, and, as many have said, we have several weeks to get over the loss.
    My school is being closed down at the end of this term. I am out of a job in September. I should feel great antipathy towards flexibility. But I know that I am not alone, and it no fault of anybody in my school - management, colleagues, and certainly not children.
    A third of the school has already left, so I technically expect to have 12 hours of non-contact time this week.
    I won't take it, though. I'll be joining in with other folk's lessons, just to make sure the last few days are smooth and pleasant. Last Friday we had a school trip to the Grand Prix practice - I was at school at 04:00, and back at 19:30. Next Monday I will be leading a day's enrichment, and on Tuesday a trip to Duxford, and Wednesday is the last day for the last children in our school - tea party on the school field, games, a big assembly and time signing momentos.
    Not a hope of PPA time on any of those days for any member of staff, and nor do we expect any. It would be selfish if we did.

  14. I always have a list of things to do!!! A chance to go through resources, sort out the pile of things in my leadership areas, prepare for next year. Review the areas that have worked this year and how to use areas of strength, improve areas of weekness. Have time to think about recent research to improve my teaching! Looking at software available so I know what I am doing with the pupils etc etc etc! They talk about pupils lacking imagination.
    As for 6 weeks off! Teachers don't get paid for the holidays they are paid pro rata for the time within term.
    2 hours PPA a week does not cover the amount of work most teachers put in, but it does allow time to make sure I know where resources are to provide the best experience for my students.
  15. we are not having ppa this week or next - school is absolutely chaotic with year groups moving classes and all sorts of other things going on- teaching is not really happening so i guess they think we dont need to plan or prepare!
    however nothing they do suprises me any more- i have had enough of the disorganisation and am leaving at the end of term!
  16. Why would anyone want PPA in the last week of term? I got into this job becuase I love working with children... I have 6 weeks to do all the paperwork and will still have more than enough time to spend with my family.
  17. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    we get paid for our holidays, i would not swap my job for my OH's 9-5 city centre office job with 20 days holiday.

    as for PPA in the last week..........for heaven's sake just get on with it!
    well said Middlemarch! Just imagine it. Everyone else goes the pub while you do your PPA as that's when your PPA time is!

  18. brookey1970

    brookey1970 New commenter

    PPA is an entitlement, the significance of which should not be dismissed by those who do so in such a carefree manner.
    Providing that it is used for the purposes intended, how a teacher's own PPA is managed is his/her own affair. Why should we not be analysing assessment data, for example, to inform planning and good practice for next year?
    To say that teachers should forego PPA because it's the last week, or because it's the summer holiday next week is to diminish its value, and potentially sets a dangerous precedent. Should PPA be removed in the final week before all holidays, i.e. six times per year? Should all teaching and learning stop in those weeks? Should the caretaking staff be told not to clean the classrooms/canteen/toilets during these weeks?
    Is what we do worthwhile during the last week? If not, should we be paid? If inly partially, should we be part-paid or forego TLR/UPS etc. (just for that week, of course)? OK, perhaps sarcasm is not the way forward.
    Do you value your PPA time; your pension; your enjoyment of a reasonable work-life balance? These are entitlements, not luxuries. Jealously guard them - they have been hard-fought and hard-won, and are easy to dismiss when taken for granted.

  19. I come in for teachers at PPA time and teach French. At the end of the year in the school I go in, there is just too much going on and for me to come in there and teach a (let's face it, meaningless, end-of-term) lesson would be pointless when classes want leaving parties, end of term parties, films, cartoons etc.
    I can't see the big deal about losing two hours in a week, immediately before the 6 weeks you will probably spend a good deal planning in anyway. More importantly, this is your class and it's your last week, you should be spending it enjoyably with a class you have had a good year's work with (hopefully) or winding down yourself. It may sound like I'm not taking the teacher's job seriously, but when I was in primary school I always looked forward to end of term because we would do "fun" things and I'm sure it hasn't changed so dramatically.
    And to the people going on about rights etc.... come on, you are very well paid for your job which you work very hard for. It's just like any job, sometimes you have to give up your break or forego another job to see the main job through. So stop whinging and think how good you have it to have that 2 hours every week!
    And smile [​IMG]
  20. My PPA this year is on a Friday afternoon so on the last day of every term I always lose it due to an afternoon of parents being invited in to school, but that's the way it goes. I have my holiday to catch up and if there is something that desperately needs doing and I can't stay late or do it at home then I don't go in to an assemblythat week. It's one week you have 6 weeks off!

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