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PPA cover teacher role and performance management review

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by dimples87, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. dimples87

    dimples87 New commenter

    Hi all

    My first post here,

    I am currently working in a primary school as a PPA cover teacher and started in Sept 2015. I am actually a trained secondary MFL teacher, but am considering making a leap into primary, so am pleased to have this particular role. I am finding it interesting and very insightful, as it means I get to teach a variety of lessons, with different years and key stages, before I decide whether I want a class teacher role, and all the responsibility that comes with it. I generally get asked by teachers to teach their French which is fine, and I have been planning all SOWs and lessons, plus resources for all French classes in yrs 3-6, which again is enjoyable for me - it's my passion!

    My concern is that I am yet to have any kind of appraisal meeting, or discussion regarding targets, performance management review and ultimately pay. I am working extremely hard to fulfil the role well by marking work I have taught, feeding back to teachers properly faster lessons and following up behaviour issues and misconceptions met during class (unlike some others who see it as the easy option).

    The thing is, I don't have much evidence for it all. My marking is only every tick and initial, as our marking policy states that PPA teachers only need to initial mark work, and some teachers tend to give us lessons that don't feature work in books (they are very particular about marking and presentation of books at this school). There are other standards, e,g assessment, keeping data record etc that I don't even have the chance to show, Should I be worried about this? I of course want to progress to the next pay scale (M6) for next September, but am concerned I might not go up because I'm not fulfilling all the standards as a teacher (or at least, I don't have evidence to show/support this)

    What do you think?
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Hullo and welcome to our forum.

    What do I think?

    I think firstly that you are very fortunate to have this post. So many teachers want to move from Secondary to primary, and to get a job like this would be their dream. As you say, you are getting a pretty wide experience, despite the lack of some parts of the job as a class teacher.

    Secondly I think that you need to look at the school's own Pay Policy. You may have done so, in which case Well done as many teachers don't remember always to do that.

    thirdly, you need to be reasonable here. If the marking policy says that you tick and initial, then you are carrying out your marking perfectly if you do this. The same goes for the other standards - you are not required to do this in your role, so cannot be required to do this for PM.

    Who is your Line Manager? He or she would be the person to ask about targets etc. Say that you are working very hard, achieving what you believe is required and more, but would just like to check that you are on schedule for the school's expectations.

    Best wishes

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  3. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Some PPA teachers who take on responsibility for a subject across the whole key stage are able to use that for their targets - and you will have the opportunity to show progress across a whole key stage, in time. Whilst the tick&initial system may be sensible where the class teacher is teaching most of the subject, maybe it would be sense for you to do more for French - including assessment and a line or two for reports. There's no harm in asking for a discussion about performance management and how that will work for you.
  4. Sally_90

    Sally_90 Occasional commenter

    I do PPA cover and I have to follow the school marking policy as part of my Performance Management. I'm also a subject Coordinator and have responsibility for the planning and delivery of a Foundation subject in UKS2. I am subject to lesson observations and book scrutinies just like my class-teacher colleagues. I've used my coordinator work for one of my other targets.
    You do need to pin someone down over arranging a meeting about this.

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