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PPA cancelled in week before xmas break - is mine the only school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by aztec568, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. aztec568

    aztec568 New commenter

    Our school always cancels PPA in the week before summer and xmas holidays. Does anybody elses school do this? I always think I need this time especially to get medium terms plans etc ready.
  2. My year group partner and I didn't get ours this week because of the nativity- I think we were possibly the only ones though!

  3. That's terrible. My school goes for the opposite approach and gives us a whole day...
  4. TweedJacket

    TweedJacket New commenter

    Ordinarily, we all have ours on Friday afternoon but it was cancelled due to our Carols Round the Tree assembly (chock full of parents)
  5. we dont get it final week either. i dont see it as a problem tbh. :)
  6. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    we don't get ours in the final week, it's given to the people who cover our PPA as their own PPA!
  7. There woud be riots in our school if there wasn't PPA in the last week of term.
  8. TweedJacket

    TweedJacket New commenter

    [​IMG] Oh dear, I guess we're just too soft at our school - it's one of those things that is kind of expected... perhaps us primary school teachers have a little too much goodwill to be stretched.
  9. I am in Primary
  10. we get extra ppa at the end of each term - so i had a whole day.
  11. We lost ours, so as I said to my HT 'I'm assuming you don't want lessons planned for the first week back?'
  12. I'm SMT and although PPA can't always happen at quite the same times as usual in the last week, we do try to give staff as much time as possible to get rooms clear and sort out planning for next term. Fun Christmas activities(Christmas hat making for Christmas lunch, end-of-term DVD, etc) can usually be supervised by a smaller number of staff. In practice this usually means I don't get any! but everybody else does. I think!
  13. LOL, what was the answer?!
    I may have complained a bit but I am on maternity leave now so I couldn't care less! [​IMG]
  14. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    We don't get ours. It's a moneysaving exercise, not because of events, etc which in our school tend to be previous week.
    Everyone complains bitterly about it and no-one does any planning for first week back. But the real issue, as someone else said, is that you need EXTRA time to do all that MTP stuff.
    Ah well. Even so, I have brought NOTHING home with me. Merry Christmas x
  15. Absolutely not! I am very lucky to work in a very fair school. Mine had to be moved from Thursday morning to Monday afternoon due to junior carol service, but I still got it! I needed it too to sort out guided reading books and MTPs. Would have had to do that during the holidays if I hadn't had my PPA time....

  16. We had ours cancelled too and then a memo on friday morning informing us our planning had to be handed in on the First day back, what a nice way to end the term.
  17. I haven't really had my full PPA or NQT time for the last 3 weeks due to school play rehersals and performances, Christmas parties etc. The cover teacher was in school, but it wasn't appropriate to leave the class so I gave her jobs to do.
  18. 5 years ago PPA was not even an option, so i dont see why so many people complain if they miss it or there is a chance to miss it. i agree with earlier post- some of us have too much good will :)
  19. People complain because a lot of teachers fought very hard to get us PPA time. I think it is an insult to those people to just shrug it off.
  20. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    5 years ago people weren't expected to hand in four sheets of weekly planning nor complete APP

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