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PPA and Part time

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by pjmteach, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. pjmteach

    pjmteach New commenter

    I am currently working .4 on Thursday and Friday on a Temp Contract and have been employed since Feb
    I also go in on a Weds for 2 hrs to have PPA with the other Class Teacher who is employed .6
    The school was closed for 2 days Teacher Training as teachers had built up time in Twilight sessions prior to my arrival, to
    have 2 days off.
    I have been told these 2 days will count towards PPA time I have spent in school
    and I will not be able to claim for PPA equivalent to 2 days as a result of this.
    (sorry I'm not explaining this very well)
    Is that correct?
    Should I challenge it?
    Thank you
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Are you claiming the Wednesday hours separately from your contract, then?

    So the school was closed on a Thursday and Friday, and they've said that because you got those days off, you're not entitled to pay for all the Wednesdays?
    My reckoning is that if you are employed to work Thursdays and Fridays, you should be paid for Thursdays and Fridays whether or not the school is open. They could legitimately have asked you to do some training on those days, I think, perhaps from home, since you hadn't done the twilights. But it sounds like they're effectively saying you're not being paid for those two days.
    I think staff have to agree to the twilights-instead-of-training-days arrangement - I don't think it can be forced on them - and that is established in advance. If Wednesday is not in your contract, they can't force you to work then, paid or unpaid: if they're saying they won't pay for the remaining Wednesdays this term, you could just not do them. If they're trying to say they won't pay for work you've already done, I think they should have had your agreement to the trade of Wednesdays for two days off in advance.

    Talk to your union - but I think you probably have grounds to say that you are quite happy to work the Thursday and Friday that you have been employed for. You could either suggest a training activity you would like to undertake on those two days (maybe you can even find a course), or ask if there are any training materials from the twilights that you could work through. Or you might be happy to spend those days doing planning to make up for the fact that you're not going to be doing any more Wednesdays...
  3. pjmteach

    pjmteach New commenter

    I like your train of thought

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