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PPA and Inset Days

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mcnallyma, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I would Like to ask where I can find in print ( school teachers pay and conditions) does it say that inset days must not count towards teachers PPA. I can find my entitilement to both in writing and I have been advised that this can't happen on other forums but where can I arm myself with the written word when I return to talk to my head teacher over this issue? ( as oppossed to telling her that someone told me on the net you can't do it!)
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    You should get 10% of the teaching time in a week. Therefore if your week is reduced due to inset, your PPA can be reduced accordingly.

    So if you get 2.5 hours as you would teach 25 hours (5 days), then it is acceptable to reduce this to 1.5 hours in a week where you only teach 15 hours ( 3 days).
  3. In all the schools I have worked in and from what I hear from friends, if someones PPA falls on an Inset Day then basically in is tough luck. Same for bank holidays. In my school we don't have Insets that fall on a Monday because the same person would miss loads. Likewise if we have a course that falls on our PPA we miss PPA. This is probably wrong but we just accept it.
  4. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    The minx has pointed to the most important point here: your PPA entitlement is to 10% of your timetabled teaching time, INSET days are not teaching time (nor are parents' evenings) so they simply do not count. There is nothing in the STPCD about teaching time within a given period (of a week or 2 weeks, say). Were the school petty enough to try and say that as there was an INSET day one week then all PPA would be reduced because there were fewer days, then I would be inclined to insist that any part week at the beginning or end of term still be counted for PPA and the requisite number of minutes of PPA in that week provided. any attempt to claim that the approach to Christmas or other end of term relaxations when normal teaching does not take place mean that PPA is not provided can likewise be countered with the argument that ANY supervision of children is part of timetabled teaching time.
    At my school I have created a calendar in Excel showing all the teaching days of the year, with columns for each day of the week added up to show how many days PPA is provided to teachers who should get it on those days. As long as everyone gets roughly the same across the year in equal half day sessions (which are slightly longer than 10% of a weekly timetable) we are happy to have PPA in 36 weeks of the 38 in a year.

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