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PP and SEN Help please!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by NessieA, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. NessieA

    NessieA New commenter

    We're having a push on PP and SEN students and providing evidence for supporting them.

    How do we accelerate PP and SEN without holding back non- SEN and pupil premium.

    We're asking to put in extra support for those, but surely that should be for everyone?

    Any thoughts/ hints/ tips/ ideas appreciated!
  2. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

    Just do what each kid/group needs and then no one gets held back.
  3. NessieA

    NessieA New commenter

    Thank you, that's what we'd assumed but we think we may be pulled up for not doing anything out of the ordinary. (If you know what I mean!)
  4. PRUman

    PRUman New commenter

    I think it seems to be so inconsistent when inspected. This unpredictability/inconsistency is what seems to divide people in my opinion.
  5. NessieA

    NessieA New commenter

    I think you're right. If we do anything different, we risk not meeting the needs of the higher achievers so closing the gap because we're not supporting HA as much.

    Glad it's not just our department who are uncertain.
    PRUman likes this.
  6. PRUman

    PRUman New commenter

    That and when governors see other schools PP reports and they want the report written in a certain way... I don't think this is particularly helpful.
  7. Mattz1993

    Mattz1993 New commenter

    This is not necessarily something which you need to do but in a previous setting we used to have high achievers as 'Table Captains' (one on each table). They would change depending on the subject. They would then support the lower ability learners on their table whilst the teacher and teaching assistant would roam the room supporting tables in turn.

    Another aspect which I kind of liked is they had 'target time'. They would have 1/2 an hour of target time each day, where they would work on specific targets in a round-robin fashion. This would enable high-achievers to work on their targets and low achievers to work on their targets - and everyone got input from the Teacher and teaching assistant!
    Landofla likes this.
  8. VeronaH

    VeronaH New commenter

    I really like this approach Matt1993, it is positive and inclusive. Sometimes we don't get sufficient time to achieve target work as I'm so focused on plodding through curriculum. Thanks,I will be implementing this approach in my lessons.
  9. Mattz1993

    Mattz1993 New commenter

    Hi @VeronaH !

    It is practice that I am proud of. You're right, in the fact that everyone gets bogged down with curriculum - it's almost as if there is a little too much of it! You'll have to let us know how you get on and if you make any additional changes to improve its functionality!

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