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PowerPoint Links Problems

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by BigBill, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. BigBill

    BigBill New commenter

    Have any authors had problems with PowerPoint hyperlinks in their products?
    I often produce resources with hyperlinks to websites, and these work well.

    Recently I have received comments from a couple of users that the hyperlinks are not working. When I check the PowerPoint the hyperlinks are all working.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    When searching with Google I can find a few references to this problem which seem to be related to different versions of PowerPoint or combinations of PowerPoint and a particular version of a browser.
    I don't know which version of PowerPoint has the problem. I am using PowerPoint 2010 to create resources.

    I contacted TES Help and they do not have any technical support for resources. However, they tested my PowerPoints and said all the hyperlinks were working.

    Has anyone else got this issue and found a solution?
  2. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    Have you provided the users with the original links to copy and paste into their web browser i.e. Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc? Then they could relink the pages and you can say that the links do work and say it has been tested elsewhere.

    I don't know what the content is, but if they show the exact error e.g. nothing comes up on the page, it's the wrong link, then you can diagnose their problem.
    BigBill likes this.
  3. BigBill

    BigBill New commenter

    Thanks Trendy Art. That sounds like a good way forward.

    Often users do not want to spend any time diagnosing the problem so it is difficult to get to the bottom of what their issue is. From their point of view your resource does not work and they feel annoyed about this.

    PowerPoint now has so many different versions and online ways in which you can view a PowerPoint presentation, that it is often difficult as a user to know which version of PowerPoint you are using. As far as I know there is currently no online system for checking that a PowerPoint presentation will be fully compatible on all platforms and will work in combination with all browsers.

    Thanks again for your suggestion.
  4. The_English_Tutor

    The_English_Tutor New commenter

    I had the exact same problem with a bad review as a result...I put in all links by copying them onto the powerpoint and embedding them to help...TES were helpful, but only after I'd resolved the issue first..I think its a 2010 glitch...
    BigBill likes this.
  5. judithgunn

    judithgunn New commenter

    I've just had a bad review on a ppt - I have checked it and it seems to be fine and not corrupt as the review suggested. I have uploaded ppt as well as the pptx - disappointed by my first review - especially as it may not be my problem and I provide pdf duplicates for all my resources. Are TES support helpful... speedy? My report a problem just went into thin air as far as I can tell!
  6. BigBill

    BigBill New commenter

    I suggest emailing the help desk and explaining your problem.

    I think there is a need for some sort of technical support section for uploaded resources. TES do not have/offer any technical support but perhaps users could provide that support within this author forum. It is difficult to get to the bottom of PowerPoint problems because of the different versions. Some versions are on Windows PCs, some on Macs, some on phones, some completely online, as well as there being different versions of the software e.g. PowerPoint 2003, 2010, 2016 etc. Each version seems to handle embedded content and hyperlinks differently. Added to this, if you have a hyperlink, it will use your browser which could be one of 10 different browsers each with different versions. In addition some users don't use PowerPoint at all but use Open Office or similar.

    A better solution would be for TES to check the upload and certify that it works i.e. all links and embedded content function as described. It is very unfair for a user to give a negative review saying something does not work when in all likelihood the problem is due to the software on the users PC.

    So how about it TES, give an uploaded document a special check mark to show that you have tested that it works as described (and not allow users to say it does not work after you have authenticated it). Then a user with problems would know they need to look at their own software configuration to resolve those problems.
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  7. judithgunn

    judithgunn New commenter

  8. judithgunn

    judithgunn New commenter

    Hi again - rookie here is the TES Helpdesk just help@tesglobal.com? Or is there another one. Thank you.
  9. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Hello @judithgunn

    We recently had this advice in the forum for contacting TES:

    Hope this helps. :)
  10. judithgunn

    judithgunn New commenter

    So anyway, after my reply and an uploaded older version of ppt, the bad review has disappeared, also TES help got back to me really quickly - I am impressed. Thanks for the replies and tips on the forum, helped me get through my disappointment! Anyway Alls Well that Ends Well... ooh that sounds like a study pack! Back to the grindstone!

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