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Potentially stupid question- can NQT's teach year 6?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by poppyjones85, May 11, 2011.

  1. I have heard rumours on the grapevine that NQT's aren't allowed to teach year six, is this so? There are three positions available, they are Nursery, year 4 and year 6, preferably I want the year 4 but I'm desperate for a job now, so just wanted to put a note that would state I would like to be considered for the key stage two roles.
  2. Yes you can (I did for the first term of my induction). I think the rumour comes from the fact that a lot of Heads tend towards putting experienced teachers (often DHs) in Year 6 as it has very specific challenges.
  3. Well I am NQT and I am teaching Year 6 and loving it :) I hold on the fact that many schools are nervous putting NQTs with Year 6 so I have gained some experience other NQTs probably won't have :)
  4. Urban myth. As NQT you can teach any compulsory school age (even ages for which you are not trained).
    QTS means you are qualified to teach - it is neither linked to age ranges, years nor subjects.

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