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Potential redundancy-help!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by maizie, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Hmmm. Needing to lose 100 hours per week is not, technically, the same thing as redundancy. Redundancy means that a job is no longer needed (for example, if someone were employed specifically to support one pupil and that pupil either no longer needed the support or was no longer at the school) not that it can no longer be afforded...
    If you don't belong to a union you'll probably just have to grin and bear whatever is dished out to you in the way of reduction in hours (or even loss of job).
  2. Hiya
    Yep am in a union, and think that all of us will be contacting them after we have had the official redundancy notice on Tuesday.
    As a school we are losing a third of our roll, added to that several children with statements are leaving in July as they are in Year 6-however it's dressed up and whatever terminology is used the harsh fact is that many of us will be out of work I think...and I thought education was a "safe" job to be in in these tricky financial times[​IMG]
  3. I was made redundant from another sector a few years ago, and from what I went through, the school will have to have a consultation period with the employees, you may have to state your case as to why you should stay, and they might base their decision on your performance, puncuality, attitude to work etc or it could be last in, first out. The consultation period has to last for a certain amount of time depending on how many employees there are I think.
    I wasn't in any union when I was made redundant, but I got onto the Citizens Advice Bureau and they were fantastic at explaining everything and checking that all procedures were carried out correctly. There is also information on line as to what exactly should happen. The school or LEA need to follow the whole thing to the letter.
    Hope this helps. Good luck
  4. I was made redundant a few years ago. The school got rid of all the TAs who were on temporary contracts. We had no warning or meetings beforehand. I hope your school goes about it in a kinder way than mine did, and good luck.
  5. We had to have interviews with the head, a governor and someone from the LA, telling them why we were worth keeping. This is where you have to forget your modesty and big yourself up. Good luck.
  6. Start now by jotting down EVERYTHING you do, interventions, support, planning, marking, behaviour strats, qualifications, courses attended etc, you will need this to justify why you should stay and how you meet the requirements for your role. It will be invaluable. Good luck, its not pleasant..x
  7. I went through potential redundancy this time last year. We were asked to fill out a skills audit, then staff would be kept on a point scoring basis. It didn't come to that, in the end we all took an equal cut in hours. I would say contact the unions asap as it can get quite nasty. We left it too late and lots of things were said and done that could have been avoided had the unions been involved from the start. Plus the unions will fight to save all jobs where possible. It really is an awful time. Good luck
  8. The advice on this web page might help: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/index/your_money/employment_index_ew/redundancy_an_introduction/redundancy___procedures_your_employer_must_follow.htm
  9. Good Luck Laura- I can't offer any advice but I hope it all goes well for you.
    I wonder if this is going to become a growing trend in schools-I hope not!
    Do you mean that things between the TAs became difficult? I can imagine it all causing ill feeling between people all desperate to keep their jobs!
  10. Hello...I really hope that it is not a new trend...for all of your sakes as it is quite horrid!
    Had our official meeting today, we need to lose a lot of hours...given the tricky choice of all of us losing 20% of our hours or going through redundancy procedure...thing is we have to have a unanimous vote, if just one of us disagrees then it is down the redundancy route.
    We have an offical from LEA in next week to talk us through the procedure <yikes>
    If anything then you will all learn a lot from this process and I really hope that it is not contagious x
  11. That all sounds dreadful-how stressful. Such a lot of potential for ill feeling.
    Are you secondary or primary?
    Was all this out of the blue or did you get some warning?
    Let us know how it all goes.[​IMG]
  12. Yes difficulty with the other TAs. The problem was that some people wanted to keep their full time hours, including me!! Even though that meant facing the redundancy procedure. The TAs that were willing to take the cut couldn't understand this. That's when things got nasty!!

  13. Oh dear the pressure is on then. You'll probably find that the LEA will talk a lot about saving everyone's positions aswell as the long drawn out procedure. How many TA's are facing redundancy?

  14. There are 17 of us in the final mix...depending on who works what hours is a tricky one to work out....some of us are full time and some are 10-15 hours so it is hard to think how many of us will go...I would reckon as a good estimate 5?!
    Thing is we have been told that even if more hours come in before August 31 we won't automatically get the hours back therefore solving the redundancy! So holding on and "seeing" if more hours become avaliable is not a doable thing...you just know lots of people will be made redundant and then other people will get jobs...am I bitter and twisted...or just plain bitter??
    Ohh and the bitchin that is being bandied around....jees you wouldn't believe it..one would think that it is enough just for us all to be in the situation...OH NO some seem to feel the need to get out the huge wooden spoon and stir it to their hearts content[​IMG]
    Do not be envious at all
  15. Ok..an update for you.
    We are going to redundancy...not everyone agreed to give up 20% of their hours (fair enough, if you are full time then that is a lot of money to lose)
    So...we go through a matrix-I understand it is a skills/training/exp type grid sheet that we have to fill in and then hope with all hope's worth that we get tthrough the net.
    The sad thing is that I think we are told a few at a time if we are "safe", ie if Makaton is deemed an important skill then all those with Makaton are saved...and so it goes on...until there are only several of us left and then it becomes a coin toss...JOKE...still though, awful if you are in the last few...<gulp>
    We should all know in the next 4 weeks I t6hink...wish me luck!
  16. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

  17. Best wishes. What a difficult situation, having to compete with colleagues who you may like and respect for the same jobs.
    What a shame and no one will really win. Some will lose their jobs while the lucky ones will feel unsettled and insecure for the forseeable future.
  18. Hey all
    Update news.......We were given our skills matrix forms to fill in last week. They are quite confusing, apparently our SENCO has re written them..who knows if that is legal but there you go! She has her favourites...so whether the forms are geared to keeping them...we will see [​IMG]
    All I know is it is incredibly hard to put your everything into an A4 sheet of paper with very small answer boxes on......bearing in mind that this is it....yes or no!
    Gosh I admit to feeling rather queasy about the whole thing...keep looking at form and putting it off til another day
  19. How on earth would any of us put everything we do and have done onto an A4 sheet of paper.
    The procedure doesn't sound very fair. I hope it all works out for you. [​IMG]
  20. Good luck, been there twice, its heartbreaking xx


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