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Postponing NQT induction

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by riseandshine, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Hi James,

    I am an NQT. As of this week I am no longer teaching my class but I am doing PPA cover as a full time role within the same school,

    As I did not stay in my class until Easter, I have only got one term of my NQT time. The second term (as I did not complete it) and the third term will not qualify for induction.

    I am unsure on 2 accounts. Do I have 5 years from finishing my PGCE to do my NQT year, or 5 years from starting my NQT induction to complete it (in my case they are fairly synonymous).

    Secondly, I know that I can only do supply work for 16 months (4 terms) from starting induction to going back to induction.

    1. Have I just said that I'll have 1 term and 3 weeks of supply?
    2. Have I actually got 2 terms of supply as even though the majority of this term carried on as if I was an NQT, the last 3 weeks will not?
    3. Do I have 4 more terms after July to do supply or do I only have 3 or even 2?
    4. Could I theoretically not work after July for up to the 5 years but then do induction having not done supply? (I am not suggesting that I think this is a good idea or that I am in any way thinking of it, but I want to understand the implications).
    5. When do I have to be doing my induction again by if I continue to teach but not do qualifying work? (I think my calculations make it either Easter 2012 or September 2012)

    (Just to point out that whatever supply time I have/have not done, I am not regretting my decision to change roles!

    Thanks for your help.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    It's not clear to me whether you are a PPA cover TEACHER or a Cover Supervisor.
    Whay were you unable to carry on with your previous teaching role for the final 3 weeks of term?
    If you are still employed a s a teacher, covering a regular timetable of other teachers' PPA time, I don't see why that can't also count for Induction.
    Also, although the supply limit usually encomapsses daily paid , non-Induction supply work, it could also relate to a short, contracted position lasting under a term's length, where you could not be registered for Induction AND to a longer-term position on qualified pay where the role did not meet Induction requirements (no regular timetable or not teaching any core subjects in Primary, for instance). You'd be limited to a 16 month 'window' in which to be employed in such roles before needing an LA extension (up to 12 months) or needing an Induction post.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The 16 month supply limit is irrelevant if you get teaching work in the private sector. You could teach there indefinitely without completing Induction but it is possible to undertake Induction in the private sector.
    Many teachers at private schools do not even have QTS. A prestigious private school Headteacher took early retirement and wanted to offer his services as a teacher in the State sector for afew years. He couldn't be employed as a teacher as he didn't have QTS and he'd have to undertake Induction eventually if he did GTP route ina school to get QTS.
  4. Thanks James and Jubilee, although I now have conflicting answers on the supply front - I guess that really it is a question for my school/ the Local Authority?

    Jubilee - although the position is full time and on the same pay as I was on as an NQT, I don't have a set timetable, so the role cannot count for my NQT induction. Because I do not have a set timetable, I also do not have the correct planning responsibilities to meet the standards (I will be teaching lessons other teachers have planned).
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    It's a shame they couldn't have extended your planning post a little longer to allow you to get a second term banked for Induction.
    It's a tricky one on the matter of whether the present work counts as part of the 16 month supply allowance. It's non-Induction so should be part of the supply rule as the rule is designed to limit the amount of time you can spend teaching without having completed Induction.

    Ring the LA Inductio advisor for your specialism and seek their take on it. they may well intercede on your behalf to get you another term of Induction signed off or even to suggest that you jointly plan your current lessons to allow your entire Induction to be completed.
  6. Thanks James,
    Just to clarify I have never done any other supply work at all, so even if this does count it would only count for a term or so's work.
    The change in position was decided with the LA's adviser, so I'm sure the situation is all clear - I just need to know what it is!
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Did they decide that you were not on target to meet the standards and risked that verdict on your 2nd Induction term paperwork?
    Does the LA advisor know that your current work is being undertaken without Induction?
    If so, this new post will start your 16 month supply limit counting down, dating from when you ceased to be on an Induction programme.

  8. I have done a GTP but have not been a position to do my NQT induction year since I was I/C in an international school abroad and then was on a 1 year contract in my school.

    I am wondering whether I should do a Masters in education instead of waiting for the induction year?

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