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Postion in a catholic school

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by Tigsy, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. How can I apply for a job in a catholic school when I am not a catholic? School requires approval of my religious beliefs when I do not attend church....
    should I bother applying at all??!
  2. Aber1991

    Aber1991 New commenter

  3. You don't say if you are primary or secondary. If you are secondary (and not an RE or Biology teacher) then yes I would apply, unfortunately no if you are primary as class teachers are expected to teach RE course as well as daily prayer etc. If secondary, there will be many potential applicants who are not catholic thinking the same as yourself. You do not need a priest to sign you off if you are not catholic you can get someone else who has known you for a long time (outwith family and friends ofcourse) to write you a reference. A friend of mines recently got a job in a catholic secondary school and has is not religious in anyway.
  4. You definitely should bother applying for the post. I am not a Catholic and I have been working in a Catholic school for 5 years. By applying to work in a Catholic school, unless it's RE you are teaching, you have every right to apply for the job. You get approved by the Catholic church by either getting a character reference or filling in a questionnaire in the job application form. All this means is that you are seen by the catholic church to be a good, moral person who can teach in accordance with the Catholic school's charter. That basically says you should teach principles that essentially anyone would live by (tolerance, respect for others, etc). I find working in a Catholic school extremely rewarding and chose to go there for the positive ethos it has.
  5. By the way it's <u>not true</u> that Biology teachers can't apply to Catholic schools if they are not Catholic. I know some non-Catholic Biology teachers who work in Catholic schools.
    And I was open about my non-religious principles in my personal statement when I applied for Catholic approval - and got it no problem.
  6. heads of department for biology have to be catholic as far as I know (so I was told), likewise senior management and guidance... again, so I was told.

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