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Posting podcasts...

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by Safetonetfoundation, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Safetonetfoundation

    Safetonetfoundation New commenter

    ... nothing like a nice bit of alliteration, is there?

    I run a small but perfectly formed registered charity, the SafeToNet Foundation, which concerns itself with the safeguarding of children in the online digital context. Part of our charitable objects is to "educate and inform" on this sometimes arcane, complex and dynamic topic.

    To this end, I produce audio podcasts which cover the legal, ethical and technical aspects of safeguarding children in the digital context and I think these would be of interest to most teachers.

    So - can I post links to these podcasts on this forum?


  2. Safetonetfoundation

    Safetonetfoundation New commenter

    Can anyone help with this please?

    The SafeToNet Foundation’s podcasts aren’t selling products or services, they are not advertorials, let alone adverts.As a journalist I’d have no interest in producing them, as a charity we wouldn’t be able to.

    Part of our charitable objects as agreed with the Charities Commission is to educate and inform on the topic of safeguarding children in the online digital context. Feedback from researchers, teachers and organisations such as the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Internet Matters suggest this complex area is something many teachers struggle to find time to keep up with.

    The other two charitable objects that we have are to provide grants for research and grants for rehabilitation programs for victims, bully/victims and perpetrators.

    We have advice and guidance from subject matter experts for both parents and children, along with risk assessments of 100 apps and games.

    Our registered charity number is 1179486.

    So we’re a legit charity on a bit of a mission, but if this topic isn’t of interest then please let me know. If on the other hand it is of interest... then please let me know

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