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Posting here as well as Pay - Someone here may have experience!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Caro33, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Help! I have been on maternity leave until the end of July and will be returning in September on a part time contract. As far as I was aware I would be paid full time as per my current contract for August but I have not been. After several months on nothing but SMP I am brassic and really needed the extra money so that I can afford the childcare and petrol for September.
    Can they do this???
  2. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    I think it depends when your mat leave officially ended. You are returning on a new contract following mat leave, and so will be on pt hours from the end of July, if that is your official return to work date, unless you specifically negotiated a change of contract starting on September 1th rather than August 1st. However, schools don't have to agree to this, as obviously you are getting paid for a contract other than that you are returning on. Some will agree to it, others won't, but it has to be negotiated.
    You have the right to request flexible working on your return to work, and this happens when you return, not at your previous contract end date. Hope that makes sense! It sounds like you didn't negotiate a specific date rather than a return date, in which case they are within their rights.
    Sorry not to be more help!
  3. naomi58

    naomi58 New commenter

    I returned on July 16th and did a week full time. In September i will be part time, but I got paid a full wage a few days ago. X
  4. Sorry but if you agreed to go back part time then it applies immediately from you return date. The only time that it wouldn't is if you did a week or so full time before the hols started and then you would be paid the hoiliday at that rate as the new hours would not come into play until Sept.
  5. I wish they had told me this! My fault I suppose for not asking the question, I just assumed contracts run from Sept to Sept :(
    No food for me this month!
  6. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Some people have returned in July and gone part-time with effect from September. A Flexible Working Request does not have to take effect on return from maternity leave. A lot will depend on how your request was worded - if your request goes in clearly stating that you are making the request to change your hours "with effect from 1st September", then they would have to have a reason to decline that request. But if it was just "I'd like to come back part-time after maternity leave", then applying it immediately is reasonable.
  7. naomi58

    naomi58 New commenter

    My letter requested part time from September, so that must be why I've been ok.

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