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Posters showing relationships between Maths and the Sciences?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by mature_maths_trainee, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. mature_maths_trainee

    mature_maths_trainee New commenter

    Does anyone know of a poster (or more likely, set of posters) that show or describe the relationships between different topics within Maths, and different areas of modern science that are suitable (especially) for KS3 students? Or even KS4 would do, since I haven't found any good ones yet at all.

    Although I often try to describe the relevance/applicability of Maths to 'real world' problem areas, I'd like to promote the connections on a more ambient level too (such as through posters on displays).

    They clearly can't contain too much detail, in order to be accessible to KS3 students, but at least something to show the connections.

    Ideally, what I have in mind is something that contains things like:

    Prime numbers and factorisation -> encryption technology embedded within your mobile phone and DRM
    Data Handling -> its use in the social sciences to answer big questions on people's behiours etc.
    -> application to the scientific method, and hypothesis testing
    Probability -> it's use in population studies of wild animals. Examples of mis-applications in the legal system (SIDs etc).
    Distance/Time/Acceleration graphs ->their use in astronomy to study the expanding rate of the universe [not quite accurate, but you get the idea]
    Recursion/Formula/Emergance -> fractals - coastlines, patterns on animals & in plants; collective behaviours of bird/fish etc.
    Straight Line Graphs -> common scientific modelling tool. Predictive power.
    Volume & Surface Area -> environmental application w.r.t. reducing quantities of packaging, and transporting greater number of goods in lorries etc. (packing densities).
    Flow charts / rates of change (distance/time etc) / networks -> application to modern chemical engineering processes.

    You get the idea.
    I'm looking for something that's a bit inspirational to students. It might be linkied to careers, but most KS3 students probably don;t formally think i.t.o. careers - only their 'interests'?
    Any pointers appreciated.

  2. blue117

    blue117 New commenter

  3. blue117

    blue117 New commenter

  4. For the students who just like maths, don't forget http://xkcd.com/435/ !
  5. mature_maths_trainee

    mature_maths_trainee New commenter

    Thanks everyone for all suggestions. Some of the content is great, but IMO most are over-professionally produced (large flashy images, with unreadably small, adult-speak text, and few visual links to their actual learning) and aren't that well suited to KS3. Great to know they are there though, and another possible project for me to pursue.
    I don't quite see the problem. Different people are motivated by different things. I'm not saying that thinking about the 'applications of maths' or 'careers' is *the* most important motivator, just that some students may be motivated by such issues. I'm actually trying to 'force it on them' less by attempting to provide the information in a more ambient /background/'opt-in if you wish' manner. :)
  6. Thats the issue right there.
  7. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    FWIW, MMT, I think this is a perfectly sensible idea.

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