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Posters for classroom

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by sefrench, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I need to find posters to cover some very miserable walls in my classroom very quickly.
    Any suggestions of good places to buy drama/theatre posters at reasonable prices.
    s x
  2. Get the Theatre Timeline. It's a PowerPoint which will self-run (great for Parents' Eves), a teaching aid and also you can print each of the 50+ slides onto a piece of coloured A4 (or A3), laminate if you wish, and it will fill acres of wall.
    Can be used with KS4 / KS5 and they can keep a personal copy each and amend it as they study additional writers / genres / cultures.
    There's a free sample.

  3. The resources on resources 4 Drama are great!

    Anyone got any posters which link to Edexcel GCSE. e.g. A poster explaining, mediums, elements and strategies??

    Maybe something that says why analysis and evaluation is good?
  4. I did one once on strategies - I made it freely available on the internet.
    Then I found someone else selling it! (Backhanded compliment, I suppose).
    I'll dig it out and make it available on my website by this time tomorrow, all being well.
  5. That would be great Clive.

  6. Have spent the morning re-writing them. Hope you find them useful.
    They are on the website and available now for free download.
    Might well charge for them after the end of this month.
    Click here


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