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Post SATS Year 6 Maths

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lo77ee, May 22, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know any good on-going projecty ideas for post SATS Year 6 maths? My very able maths class need some excitement and something to get their teeth into in the remaining half term and any ideas would be very much appreciated!!!
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Does anyone know any good on-going projecty ideas for post SATS Year 6 maths? My very able maths class need some excitement and something to get their teeth into in the remaining half term and any ideas would be very much appreciated!!!
    Thanks in advance :)
  3. We're doing investigation type stuff. We're going to try a cross curricular project based on Superheroes with lots of Art, ICT, Literacy etc, so have tried to come up with some ways of linking the Maths to this. Have twisted some of teh Problem Solving Stuff from the plastic box thing (if you have it) to a Superhero theme, plus some of the activities from Nrich ( www.nrich.maths.org.uk ) and activities from Maths Challenges for the More Able.
    Last year we did Theme Park Maths which is a very time consuming project - they enjoyed the first part but it was a bit much for all but my most able by the end. If you search for Theme Park Maths you will find it.
    Would love to hear some other people's ideas!
  4. The superheroes project and theme park sounds great, coudl I be cheeky and ask for more detail or resources.
    For literacy I have been working through Whatever Island, which I found on the TES and the kids love.

  5. Leave me your email address and I'll send them through!
  6. Bsmirched

    Bsmirched New commenter

    The Theme Park investigation on here (scroll down a bit!) has my class it its thrall! It's great and has loads of opportunities for ICT with spreadsheets and publicity materials too.
    Mine are really thrilled at their profits so far - my next task is to introduce them to the tax man!!

  7. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    The Cluedo project. A murder mystery week to start with where they get to work out "whodunnit." then.... mapping skills based on plans of the house; lots of maths work on scale/shape; probability using Cluedo cards, bit of forensic fingerprinting (dead easy), designing and creating own Cluedo characters in Art, writing own whodunnit as extended writing in English. You can hang lots of transition l/os on this (we had a "cocktail party" and based three successful ratio lessons around it!) Always nice to finish with a bash where they dress up as their character.....
  8. That murder mystery sounds excellent! Any further details? My kids would love it! We've just done a week on 'the apprentice' based on DT biscuits project. great maths links, ratio, conversion of measures, nets, but best of all budgeting and pricing to make a profit! My class just made £104 profit at our spring fair. winning team won 1/2 hour on a nintendo wii -losers were fired!
  9. That sounds great - I used to love doing biscuits Apprentice style when I was in yr 5 - I was inspired by that episode where they sold sweets in a zoo so all their biscuits had to be zoo themed!
    I want to do something similar but can;t do biscuits cos they did that in Yr 5 - we did enterprise week earlier in the year and Year 6 won, but would like to do something in the style of the Apprentice where the children work in teams within class. Any ideas?
  10. Hi
    I am going to do the Theme Park Maths with my kids. If you have done this before, what size squared paper did they get at the start? I am assuming A4 cm squared paper.
  11. All great ideas guys and more suggestions would be gratefully recieved. Especially outdoor stuff.

    Eneraldris I suggest you use A2 or even bigger sized 1cm squared paper and make it into a paired or grouped activity. Much more fun and it will help you LA out. Enjoy. xx[​IMG]

  12. Hi Grandsire, any chance of looking at your planning for this unit. I have previously done the planning the holiday and theme park maths but this year Ive got quite a few really high achievers and think this would be fab to do with them.
    Thanks in advance, would be willing to swop PE planning for Year 6 with you.
  13. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    No, that's fine. I'd be interested to know what you think of it. We now do it right across Year 6, except for a couple of SEN maybe.
  14. This is fantastic, just what I was looking for. We needed some fun post SATS investigations - Thanks!
  15. Pleas could I also be cheeky and ask for the superhero maths stuff?
    My email is:

  16. It's all on the resources section on here if you do a search for superheroes!
  17. Hello, I have been unable to down load algebra for years 5/6 or KS2 as the page always goes to KS3 - apart from a sheet called:
    It is more difficult than anything I have found for KS3 and even GCSE. I tried to find it again, and cannot. Do you have any algebra which you think is suitable for years 5 and 6? Most of the algebra we have in school in very simple and we have done it. If you have seen the SATS sheet noted above, please let me know your thoughts. Thanks. Chris


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