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Post compulsory PGCE in Maths for Sept 2011

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by nomita, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Dear James
    I was offered Post compulsory PGCE Maths in Sept 2011 course but as I know this doesn't give QTS status to teach secondary. I was just concerned what my future will be as a Maths teacher with this course. Should I feel lucky? As I have very limited knowledge in terms of job opportunities available after doing this course(Or you will be unemployed). If Anyone of you could help me with this.
    Will there be any chance after doing this course that I would ever be able to teach state secondary schools (Keystage 3,4,5)and enhance my experience? If yes Will teachers with QTS via GTP or PGCE will get preference when I look for jobs? Can any headteachers/recruiters in secondary schools advice on this please?
    What sort of salaries do you get if you at all get employed in FE colleges ? Where can you teach (only in FE collges or in state dependenr schools? Is finding job difficult in FE ?
    Can I defer this PGCE offer for next year and still explore the PGCE options for teaching in secondary schools and accept it when I get?
    Can I do Normal PGCE through GTTR after doing Post Compulsory PGCE?
    I am really confused if I should accept this offer.
    Since I don't know anyone in this field I will be looking forward to your help and advice.
    Many thanks
    Best regards
  2. Dear James
    You needn't worry as John has already replied on the post that I had put in Career clinic. I was not sure where I should put it.
    But Many thanks for all your help

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