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Post-16 (non teaching) Tutor Interview Help!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by mazinga, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. mazinga

    mazinga New commenter


    currently doing a side move and jumping from being an LSA, recently covering an N7 post in my school as a Post-16 Student Leader and now I have got an interview in a different school for a Post-16 tutor.

    The first step of the process will be a written exercise sent it to me by email, which I will have an hour for.

    Anyone got an idea of what it could be? I did in-tray exercise for my student leader role, but as I research online for Post-16 tutor interview ideas...I am not getting any far!

    Any help would help =)

    Also, as this position is a maternity cover, what do you think of jumping from a fairly secure role (LSA contract still fixed term as it rolls on every year) to a cover that will end next April?

    Any lines really appreciated, thanks!


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